10 January 2016

Tomorrow Going In-Camp Training

Wah na beh, sian, but at least after this one, I only left with one high-key, I think before 35 years old can MR. Tomorrow don't know friend going back or not, if going back then can share cab, if not I'll just have to take alone lol, anyway this time I going back for 6 days, weekend I think no need to go back, so I budget $50 a day for taxi, total $300, but I don't think will use that much, one trip with surcharge and booking at most $22-23, unless traffic jam.

Next week don't know doing what, if can go range also good, maybe can earn $100, and I hope can pass my IPPT, this year I think 3 station, push-up, sit-up and 2.4KM. Hope no field training, but I think very unlikely.

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