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Back Pain Again!

Wah piang today my back suddenly hurts again, I was sitting down and somebody came to talk to me so I turned around and after that my lower back started to act up again, sigh, but good thing is it doesn't feel like the full power type of back pain where I will have difficulty changing from sitting to standing position, this time maybe 30-40% damage.

After that while smoking I talked to this uncle, I told him I kena lower back pain and he said he also kena many times, he said last time he liked to drink soda and nowadays he stopped drinking, he also said posture is very important. I never heard that soda can cause back pain so it's something new for me, I am an avid soda fan, coke, pepsi, mountain dew, especially love a&w.

So after reaching home, I quickly google about soda and back pain, there seems to be some relation but most of the info that I got sounds ridiculous, anyway the best thing to do is to try and stop drinking soda and see how it goes, but I think the key thi…

Changed Money for Thailand Trip

Today I went to Chinatown to change money, I changed at the shop inside CK, rate was 1 SGD to 25.15 THB, total changed $2000 for 50,300 Thai Baht.
So plan is to give her mother 14,000 for insurance and spend the rest, I think should be more than enough, if not enough can use my ATM card to withdraw so today I also setup my card to allow overseas withdrawal during the travel period.

Seen Sports Medicine Specialist at NUH Today

I tore my muscle earlier on and today I finally get to see the specialist, he did some physical examinations and found nothing wrong and I told him everything is fine only when I do push-up then pain, so he held both my arms and asked me to push outwards then he noticed a dent on my right chest, he did some further testing on that area and thinks could be muscle tear, but he thinks it is partial tear and since overall my arm movements seems ok so he don't think it is very serious. I hope no need for surgery.

After that he sent me for x-ray, it doesn't tell much, in the end he ordered an MRI and to review after that. He also gave me a letter to give to my unit MO, he said will excuse me from push-ups permanently, wonder if I still need to take IPPT or just excuse push-ups, hope can excuse the IPPT since no money to take. Have booked appointment to see my unit MO.

Oh and bill is $60 since I have referral letter from SAF, this includes the x-ray.

Toto $13.9 Million

According to news this is the largest prize money ever, so I bought $10 just to try my luck. My wife bought $11, both of us were dreaming about what we would do if we win lol.

Best of luck to all!

Update: Winning numbers are 16, 18, 20, 21, 27, 49, with the additional number of 23.

I bought 18 20 27 35 39 40, win back my $10 lol. Wife didn't win anything.

We only recently know that 3 winning numbers can win $10, think we threw away a few already, but not so bad since they will donate unclaimed winnings to charity or grants, but actually even if add up all probably don't even have $50, this amount can't change my life lol.

Girl Dies After Falling from 4th Storey Flat


The flat doesn't have window grilles, and the grandmother still left her alone at home, I think 3 year old can walk can run can climb, very dangerous especially when the house don't have window grilles. I think this could have been easily prevented, why not just bring the baby along, if sleeping why not put in pram and bring along.

Anyway my house also don't have window grilles, already told my father to look out for lobang, I want to install asap, might as well change all my windows.

Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa Still Sucks

Yesterday after visiting my parents, my father gave me half kilo of Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa, this was a gift from his friend. So today I tried, wah still as tough and thick as always, and so dry and charred, seems like they don't do any trimming at all, and it is very lacking in flavour, it is like chewing on a piece of wood, I think old people cannot eat, too tough, but they are still the most famous, probably because they have been aggressively expanding in Asia.

Today I went to parents house again, this time father opened a new pack, he say brand is Oriental, never heard of this name, but this Bak Kwa is really good, soft, not dry, not charred, and well-flavoured, not famous one taste better than famous one lol.

And Bee Cheng Hiang also not cheap, father say 1 kilo is $52, this kind of standard give me free I also don't want, I probably won't touch it again, maybe my wife will eat, but she say best is still the Fragrance brand.

CNY 2016 Day 1

Yesterday had our reunion dinner at parents house, and today visited them to give them red packets, gave them $200 each, gave my niece and nephew $20 each, think that's it, never see anyone else so no need to give more, only see my neighbour but too bad he don't have children, instead he gave my daughter, niece and nephew, but his wife is pregnant now so next year I can give back.

I find this ang pao thing kind of pointless, you give and take back, might as well don't give, like that easier, everyone no stress.

Anyway CNY getting more and more boring, today go eat, then go temple, then go home, nothing much, not like when we were little kids everyone will gather at my grandmom's house, after she pass away everyone just stopped gathering, just like in army you see the singhs at one corner, the bengs one corner, the geeks one corner, the outcasts one corner lol.

Now I actually look forward to going back to work, CNY too boring.

Wife and Baby Term Insurance Rejected

Just now checked with my agent how come so long never receive any news then found out that both wife and baby term insurance application got rejected, also due to their heart condition, but it's not that bad, no term insurance not really big deal, can still go for those savings plan, I think most important is hospital insurance, lucky still have MediShield Life so no need to worry so much.

Anyway wife and baby both eventually need to go for heart operation, must standby some cash just in case.

Baby Seen Cardiologist and Paediatrician

Baby doing fine, doctor say growth is good so no need to see specialist anymore, just need to follow-up at polyclinic for vaccinations.

As for her heart, the cardiologist say now no need to do anything, probably at 1.5 years old then consider operation to fix her ASD once and for all. Still don't know the cost and type of procedure, so I think need to set aside some cash just in case.

Wife also need to replace her heart valve so most probably baby go for operation first, stabilize then wife go.

5 More Days to Chinese New Year

Time really flies man, so fast going to be CNY again, this year me and family decided to dine at home so me and sister each gave my mom $150 to cook at home, way cheaper than eating out.

Anyway stay safe, safe at work, drive safe, safety number one, every time before CNY have tragic accident so be extra careful.

Today Mindef Call Me Regarding My IPPT

Last weekend after my wasted trip to take the IPPT but ended up cannot take, I feedback to NS Portal saying they should not let people book if cannot take, also enquired about what will happen next since I can't take IPPT.

So today someone from Mindef call me saying that due to my "temporary" excuse, even though it is excuse upper limb and push-ups, I am not allowed to take the whole IPPT, but if it is a "permanent" excuse then I can take but exempt push-up lol, what the cock man, once again army continue to amaze me. By my understanding, temp excuse means excuse for X days, for my case is 84 days, perm excuse means excuse until doctor say otherwise, either way excuse is the same thing only difference is duration, so why in the world is perm excuse allowed to take IPPT while temp excuse cannot???

And it so happens that my excuse is until one day after my birthday, which means I can get ready to book RT, really ultimate cock. Army encourage people to take IPPT, …