02 February 2016

Today Mindef Call Me Regarding My IPPT

Last weekend after my wasted trip to take the IPPT but ended up cannot take, I feedback to NS Portal saying they should not let people book if cannot take, also enquired about what will happen next since I can't take IPPT.

So today someone from Mindef call me saying that due to my "temporary" excuse, even though it is excuse upper limb and push-ups, I am not allowed to take the whole IPPT, but if it is a "permanent" excuse then I can take but exempt push-up lol, what the cock man, once again army continue to amaze me. By my understanding, temp excuse means excuse for X days, for my case is 84 days, perm excuse means excuse until doctor say otherwise, either way excuse is the same thing only difference is duration, so why in the world is perm excuse allowed to take IPPT while temp excuse cannot???

And it so happens that my excuse is until one day after my birthday, which means I can get ready to book RT, really ultimate cock. Army encourage people to take IPPT, and yet I cannot take due to some cock reason that they give.

But good thing is nowadays RT is only 75 mins, last time I think it was around 2-3 hours, depending on how siao on the PTI is but usually weekend they more slack and let us go back earlier, weekdays more siong. And now RT can take one year to finish, so actually still not so bad but think of RT also sian, still have to make a trip to a place just to do exercise.

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