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Just Checked Out Airbnb

Damn they have so many nice apartments for rent, the kind of price I pay for a good hotel I can rent a whole apartment! Sigh too bad, in future I will definitely try airbnb, just saw a really nice apartment, one night only $113, can easily accommodate 7 or even 8 people. There are also rooms at the lower price range with decent facilities, way better than staying at hotel.

iPhone SE Very Tempting

The phone came out this week with the 16GB version selling at S$658 and the 64GB at S$828. This phone is basically 6S with some negligible difference built as iPhone 5 size and casing. The 16GB price is around 2/3 of the 6S, makes me want to buy on impulse at apple store. I wasn't that much into iPhone until my last holiday where it impressed me even more, I know apple products are very high quality and user friendly but I agree even more after playing with it for extended periods of time.
The iOS is no doubt the best mobile OS, I played with Android and Windows and I don't like either, Windows is just plain garbage, as for Android there is no consistency, everybody just wants to make their own version, the Xiaomi version is good that's why their phone is so popular, Samsung is garbage, see it's like consumer is at the mercy of the mobile phone maker, sometimes you get it good, sometimes you get it shitty, there is no such nonsense with iOS because there is only one iO…

Sushi Express - Sushi Take-Out

Today I finally decided to try, glad I did so because the quality is better than expected even though it's only $0.50 per piece. The reason that was holding me back was my experience at Umi sushi take-out, that time when I tried, their sushi was not fresh, and their shop smells fishy, super disgusting.

I also bought a packet of Hana Maki, 4 pieces for $5, 3 pieces would cost $6.39 at Sakae. I find that their products are very fresh, another thing is they don't have this fishy smell lingering around, if fish is fresh there shouldn't be any smell. Definitely going back again.

POSB Everyday Card Annual Fee Waiver

Today I checked my card statement and found that there is an extra charge of $128.4 which consists of the annual fee and GST:

So I called the POSB hotline 1800 339 6666, pressed through some numbers and entered my card number, after a while system informed me that my annual fee and GST has been waived and will be reflected in my next bill and takes 1 day to reflect in iBanking, very simple process.

NUH Sports Centre Follow-Up Visit

Today I went back to specialist to see the MRI result, say I don't have muscle tear, only strain, but how come strain have blood, anyway the doctor say will heal but 3 months don't do pushing, he wrote another memo to excuse me from push-up permanently. Good thing is sounds like eventually I can recover to full strength and don't need surgery, phew.

Baby One Year Old Soon

Baby will be one year old this coming May, my father and said my mother wish to celebrate by inviting our relatives, I immediately said no, I think my mother wants to collect ang pao, I think this ang pao culture is super lame and stupid, if my mother collect ang pao on baby's behalf it will mean we owe all those who gave ang pao, next time have to give back, this is utterly stupid, so I told my father if they want to invite can, I will pay all expenses, those who come don't give any ang pao, but best is just celebrate within our family, no need to invite anyone else.

My thinking is that if I can afford to invite and give people a treat, I will, if I cannot afford, don't invite, it's that simple, no need to invite and then expect to get back from ang pao. Lucky I now have my own house, no need to be at anyone's mercy, if I don't want nobody can force me hahaha.

Updates on Thailand Trip 2016

So on 11 Mar we took SIA to BKK, it was pram friendly, can bring the pram all the way to the boarding gate and before we enter the plane, they will collect and put it on the plane, after we alight they have it ready at the exit so no need to collect at the baggage claim. Baby was enjoying the flight and didn't cry at all. SIA flight have the bassinet but we didn't use it on the way there, since short trip so no point. By the way there is free food and drinks, can also order alcohol, beer and wine, all included so no need to pay more, that's one good thing about taking full-fledged airline.

After that we took Thai Airways to UTH, not really the Thai Airways that we expected, it was Thai Smile owned by Thai Airways, the plane is smaller but still quite comfy but they don't have bassinet which is ok. They also have free food and drinks, but didn't notice whether they have alcohol, since it is also short trip so I don't bother, only about 1 hour journey to Udon Tha…

Regarding Lek Lai

First time hear of this thing, my wife's grandmother just gave her this black object that looks like a black stone, more like charcoal, according to my wife, if the wearer chants something the wearer will become invisible lol wtf.

So my wife happily went to a gold shop at MBK and framed the thing in gold, the frame cost 4000 Baht, then she hook it up with her gold necklace, I think the necklace cost 20,000 Baht, now I wonder how much this stone cost, one can only hope that the stone cost more than the gold otherwise what's the point of putting it in gold frame and gold necklace.
I did some research online and found nothing that I can believe, seems like there is no scientific study done on this object, what I can find online is nothing but magical nonsense, saying it is indestructible as in even bullets cannot damage it, there's even a place in Kanchanaburi where people can insert one small pieces of this thing into their arm thereby giving them protection.
Online also say…

Arrived Home this Morning

Finally back home after an 8 days trip to Thailand, phew, feels great to be back in my home country, I think no matter where I go, Singapore still feels the best for me, it's clean and safe and children here have a better chance for a better future compared to those in Thailand, especially rural areas.

My wife has a cousin, this year 16, he doesn't go to school much and most of the time his mother made him look after the pigs, I asked my wife why not go work in 7/11 or bank as security guard also not bad, but she says he doesn't have the education and he is not that bright, he looks a bit slow but for me I think that is just appearance, when I was 12 I also look gong gong, everyone say I was very blur like sotong, then 13 I started working and everything changed, moral of the story is one must try to venture out, cannot just listen to mother and stay home and look after the pigs.

Then my wife's brother 30+, I think same age or 1 year older than me, he is working in the…

Back Pain, Alcohol and Caffeine

During this holiday, my back pain came and go a few times, seems to come on days where I drunk coffee, you know their coffee is very thick so I think something to do with that.

And when the pain does go away it was because I drunk alcohol, mainly rum and vodka, woke up next with the pain gone, it's better than any cream or medicine lol.

Anyway I tried Bacardi rum and their breezer drinks, very power, later must buy at airport.

Retarded People EVERYWHERE

By the way today is my second last day in BKK, just now me, Wife and baby returned from shopping, took lift back to hotel room, there were two mandarin speaking girls waiting when the lift reached our level, they just stood there blocking the path out, I was pushing the pram and they don't bother to give way and just squeezed into the lift, really retarded people, don't know why these people always behave like that, just come down from mountain or what.

But then selfish retarded people are everywhere, the most obnoxious are still people in SG, don't know where these bad behaviours came from.

Nehs also another retarded group as in those from I. That day when we flew from SG to BKK, was at duty-free shop buying smoke and spirit, there was this neh, he walked to one corner after me, as I was moving away to check out another spot, I heard a loud fart behind, I looked at that neh and he just act blur like they always do, really chee birds, shameless mother flacker. I think fart…

Back to Bangkok

Today finally took the flight back to BKK, been getting bitten by bugs the whole time when we were at MIL house, hardly slept at all so I am really glad to be back to city area.

We are now staying at Mercure Bangkok Siam, very impressed with service and the hotel itself, and the location is good as expected, just less than 5 minutes walk to MBK. And there is free and fast WIFI so I can do some blogging.

Not sure why I can't post recent photos, when I get home then post. Anyway overall good trip with the pram and all, glad I brought it along.

MRI So Expensive

That day went for my appointment, the bill was $800 before subsidy, damn shocked, this is what a foreigner would have to pay so lucky for me government pay 50% so I only have to pay $400 of which $300 I paid by Medisave and the rest by cash.
SG healthcare really expensive, foreigners who can afford to come here must be very rich. I have a friend's father-in-law come here for checkup he paid $2k+.

2nd Day in Udon Thani

I finally got an Internet SIM card, it is AIS, the Internet is kind of unstable, sometimes can't connect. Anyway difficult to type, will post more when I go home.

Counterpain Cream

My wife bought one tube and apply for me, it is even better than the tiger balm ointment, just now I can't even walk properly but after applying, I feel a whole lot better, must keep one tube at home at all times.
For lower back pain I think this is the best so far, I tried yoko yoko, tiger balm but their effectiveness is limited.

Sleeping on Floor with Ti Lam

Since my last back pain, I have been sleeping on the floor with a cheap foam mattress, it is very thin so my back can fully rest on the floor, I can feel my lower back coming into contact with the floor, now still painful but after my back get used to it, it's actually very comfortable.

The floor seems to be setting my back into place, my back feels more straightened now but it's a bit painful, it's as if I am not used to my back being straight, I think prior to this I was slouching too much, now that the floor is straightening my back, I need some time to get used to the new posture.

I hope sleeping on the floor solves my lower back problem once and for all, now that I think of it, when I was a kid I was sleeping on a wooden bed, also foam mattress, I never had lower back pain, it all started after my mom got me a spring mattress.

Might Have Found Cause of Back Pain

I think it's my spring mattress, I remember long ago I slept on the cheap kind of "ti lam", as far as I can remember, I never had any such serious back pain or any back pain at all. After that my mom bought me a spring mattress then I started to have this extreme lower back pain.

Then after moving into my own house, I also bought a spring mattress and the back pain keeps coming back every few months. Starting is good, but after a while I think the problem is the spring mattress will start to sink more and more due to usage, especially at the lower back area.

So just now I tried sleeping on a "ti lam", I can immediately feel the floor supporting my lower back, starting quite painful but after I relaxed (with help of painkillers and muscle relaxant) and took a nap, I woke up feeling much better, my lower back wasn't that painful anymore.

This Year Bonus and Increment Might Be So-So

Last week I completed my performance review with my boss, he said because last year I was promoted to senior, he has higher expectations of me, one of it is for me to lead and train new staff, kind of expecting him to say this because he put a new staff under me and he expected me to train that guy, but sometimes when I get too busy I simply bo chup and tell him to go find out for himself. Maybe that guy feedback to him, but ok la since I feel a bit responsible because sometimes I can be quite nasty lol.

But then that's the way I learned too, last time where got so nice people sit down and teach step by step, wait long long, when I first started in IT, my boss threw me into several difficult situations and expected me to figure it out for myself, today I when think of it, actually all minor issues, but as a newbie it was intimidating, imagine take a long time still cannot fix the problem and the customer fuming and calling my boss to complain lol, damn pressure man.

Anyway from my…