01 March 2016

This Year Bonus and Increment Might Be So-So

Last week I completed my performance review with my boss, he said because last year I was promoted to senior, he has higher expectations of me, one of it is for me to lead and train new staff, kind of expecting him to say this because he put a new staff under me and he expected me to train that guy, but sometimes when I get too busy I simply bo chup and tell him to go find out for himself. Maybe that guy feedback to him, but ok la since I feel a bit responsible because sometimes I can be quite nasty lol.

But then that's the way I learned too, last time where got so nice people sit down and teach step by step, wait long long, when I first started in IT, my boss threw me into several difficult situations and expected me to figure it out for myself, today I when think of it, actually all minor issues, but as a newbie it was intimidating, imagine take a long time still cannot fix the problem and the customer fuming and calling my boss to complain lol, damn pressure man.

Anyway from my boss's tone, I guess the team leader portion of my performance seems to be lacking, he also mentioned about my leave, well this month I will be taking quite a lot of leave because of the thailand trip which was planned, but some other leave which were not planned, even though he said he was not telling me cannot take but since he mentioned, today I back pain also don't dare to take MC lol, sigh, such is the life of a worker.

Finally he mentioned that he gave me a higher than average rating but it is subjective to moderation, so in the end also don't know what it will end up as, maybe lower or maintain, if maintain then can expect around 3 months bonus, if lower then probably less than 2 months or maybe even 1 month. This plus the slower economy, I guess company will practice more prudent approach which may be to freeze or reduce increment. Sigh, this year maybe not so good.

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