19 March 2016

Updates on Thailand Trip 2016

So on 11 Mar we took SIA to BKK, it was pram friendly, can bring the pram all the way to the boarding gate and before we enter the plane, they will collect and put it on the plane, after we alight they have it ready at the exit so no need to collect at the baggage claim. Baby was enjoying the flight and didn't cry at all. SIA flight have the bassinet but we didn't use it on the way there, since short trip so no point. By the way there is free food and drinks, can also order alcohol, beer and wine, all included so no need to pay more, that's one good thing about taking full-fledged airline.

After that we took Thai Airways to UTH, not really the Thai Airways that we expected, it was Thai Smile owned by Thai Airways, the plane is smaller but still quite comfy but they don't have bassinet which is ok. They also have free food and drinks, but didn't notice whether they have alcohol, since it is also short trip so I don't bother, only about 1 hour journey to Udon Thani airport. This one is also pram friendly, same thing can bring pram to gate and they will collect it but this time we collected at baggage claim, but UTH is a very small airport so no problem at all.

Oh by the way the SIA flight was 1 hour late, lucky I have some buffer otherwise will miss the flight to UTH, anyway also have travel insurance but in the end also never utilize.

So from 11 to 15 we stayed at MIL house, bloody hell everyday kena bitten by bugs, and the weather is damn hot, nothing much to do there but go Tesco Lotus, or go farm, or surf net, lucky have iPhone and AIS mobile internet otherwise bored to death. Or see greenery like Jackfruit tree:

Jackfruit Tree

Their mobile internet is very expensive, maybe future can apply for the AIS fibre broadband, I checked and MIL house have coverage, their 15 download / 5 upload plan is only 590 Baht, way cheaper than using the mobile internet.

MIL house also did some upgrading, now the front door area have tiles:

Tiles at front door

I also thinking of getting a car for MIL, also can put wife's name, nobody in their family own a car, only motorbike, only her mother-side auntie husband have a Isuzu 2-door pickup, he was the one who picked us up at UTH and brought us around, her uncle and brother all don't have so it's difficult if they want to go around in group or buy anything bulky. Cars in Thailand is very cheap compared to SG, and I think car is a necessity since rural area is huge, no car can only rely on others.

Some photos taken at Mercure Bangkok Siam:

Baby on the bed

Desk and TV




Shower room


The shower damn power, if open full blast it is bursting so very shiok!

Throw our stuff

Desk area

View from room

Another view from room

Enjoy Smirnoff in room


This hotel good, only bad thing was the fridge cannot adjust temperature but lucky it's cold enough. Also if you are a smoker, cannot smoke in room or corridor since it is a non-smoking hotel, but can go to level 9, there is an area outside where you can smoke so no need to go until level 1. They also have a well-equipped 7/11 at level 1, very convenient, got sell diapers and all sorts of necessities. They also have lunch and dinner buffet at 50% discount for hotel guests, we didn't try it though. Oh another thing is their TV channels especially those foreign channels are very blur, so if you are TV enthusiast then maybe not good for you but who watches TV during holiday lol, ok la, walk until tired still have to go back to hotel room, but I watch their Thai channels hoping I can pick up some Thai, but they don't have English subtitles so very difficult.

Photos at airport on last day:







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