30 April 2016

Went to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Today we went to the zoo and we applied for the Friends of Wildlife membership, one person $119 for a total of $238, baby no need to pay since she is under 3 years old. By the way can apply onsite, can get the membership card immediately, can pay by credit card.

I think the membership is very worth it, it grants unlimited entry to the 4 parks (zoo, river and night safari, and bird park) for one year, and it also entitles us to 10% discount at most of the shops, so far only one that we visited didn't have discount, it was the one in Night Safari where we bought our shot glasses.

This is what I spent today, excluding taxi fares to and fro and the membership application fees:

ItemOriginal Price10% discountPaid
Ice kachang$6.50Yes$5.85
Sour candy$3.80No$3.80
Shot glass 1$8.50No$8.50
Shot glass 2$7.90No$7.90
Gelato 3 scoups$13.90Yes$12.51
Safari sling$6.90Yes$6.21
Nasi lemak$9.90Yes
Oreo wafer$3.80Yes
Fanta grape slush$7.90Yes
Chimpanzee plush toy$24.90Yes
Husky plush toy$18.90Yes

The things inside were very expensive, it's a tourist trap so it's not surprising, but it's even more expensive than Sentosa, one bottle of 500ml Coke is $4.50, Sentosa is $3.50, but at least Sentosa have 7/11 and other alternatives, there's no alternative at Zoo or Safari, it's all their shops so they sell it at their price. And one bottle of 330ml Tiger beer is $13.50, even more expensive than drinking at pub.

If you are a smoker, note that their parks are smoke-free, but if you want to smoke you can smoke at designated areas right outside the park (one outside zoo, another at night safari), they have put up signs so it's easy to spot. By the way their convenience store don't sell tobacco so better bring enough.

There is also a POSB ATM right outside the entrance of Zoo, just beside their convenience store.

But overall not bad, enjoyable experience, will definitely go back, but noted two episodes of rudeness from their staff.

First was a tram girl, we happily tried to board the tram thinking membership entitled us to free tram rides, not realizing that it doesn't apply during weekends, the tram girl snapped at us in a rude tone saying "today weekend right", right our fault that we didn't see the finer print but no need to talk like that.

Another is a girl at the Night Safari bar, I took out the wrong membership card, took out my Sakae card instead lol, she just rudely asked me how I want to pay, I said Mastercard, don't know why she was so unhappy, because I took out the wrong card or because I took out my Mastercard or because I took out both, what the hell, she was supposed to scan my membership card and then my Mastercard right, so what's the problem.

Today Menses day or what, how come their girls so irritated, other than that the rest of their staff were very helpful and polite, one uncle even came forward and gave us directions because he thought we were lost, even though we didn't really need his help but we appreciate it.

Well enough of the negativity, here are some photos I took, I also made a video, it's my first attempt at making one lol.

29 April 2016

My Smartphone Data Usage Until Now

So I bought my smartphone on 16 Apr 2016, and only started using since 18 Apr, right now this is what my data usage looks like:

Used 135 MB

I am on Starhub 4G 3 plan (postpaid) which comes with 3GB of data, my friends told me 3 GB is more than enough, it is so true, I leave my data on 24/7, surf net, whatsapp, even watch videos, utilization is less than 5% lol, maybe should start using my phone as a hotspot at work since my workplace internet is shit, why let it go to waste ;)

Same goes for my wife, she is also on the same plan, the highest she can hit in a month is 1GB, also wasted, now I tell her to just leave her data on, no need to off and on, she is afraid that she might overuse, she has the My Data Mgr app which will alert her when usage reach 90% so really no need to worry.

25 April 2016

Win Toto Group 7

Buy $5 win $10, sigh when can I win the big prize so I don't need to work, actually even if I win the big prize I don't even know whether I will stop working, maybe I'll get a more relaxed job.

25 Apr 2016 Draw 3156

2nd row is winning number

1, 22 and 41 are my winning numbers.

Tried Nene Chicken for the First Time

I saw it on foodpanda for quite a while now but today I decided to give it a try, I was holding back because I'm not really a fan of Korean products, dramas, idols or even chicken, ok I like Gangnam style and that's about it. And their chicken always look like those American buffalo wings where they drown it in all sorts of sauces which I don't like and it's very oily even with all that sauces.

End up this Nene chicken is not oily at all but it's very juicy and it has a special aroma, probably their secret ingredient, and most importantly they give an option to separate the sauce.

The box


Sauces I choose their Swicy and Honey mustard dip sauces, I bought the 18 wings and sticks so I get to choose two sauces, and two starters which are coleslaw and corn salad. The starters are very basic, I think KFC and Popeyes offer better coleslaw, as for the corn salad, it's just corn with mayo, nothing special.

I didn't try the Swicy sauce but I guess it is sweet and spicy, I was enjoying the honey mustard, damn power.

Nene chicken closeup

In case like me you are wondering what is the meaning of "18 wings and sticks", well it's just 9 pieces of chicken wings, they cut off the drumlets and it becomes 18 pieces. And the chicken is a smaller one, the wings are also smaller but ok la for two person more than enough, I think can serve 3-4 people.

Oh forgot I also ordered a smoked salmon gimbaps, not bad, it's a giant sushi with lots of veggies inside with smoked salmon, very healthy tasting. It also comes with a small pack of soya sauce for dip.

Will definitely order again, good fried chicken and sauces, must try, remember to separate the sauce if you don't like it drowned.

24 April 2016

My Grocery Trolley!

This is what our weekly shopping looks like:

Full of groceries!