01 April 2016

Phew Busy Week!

After coming back from holiday so many things to do, this week work until very late almost everyday, yesterday 11PM still at home sending email, sigh, damn rat race.

But at least solved one major issue, few months nobody can solve then my boss ask me to help out, in the end 3 days settle lol, I find that every time I kena difficult problem I always manage to solve it on Friday, maybe Friday is my lucky day.

Can only hope coming bonus good, better give me good one, knn all the difficult problems always throw to me, but actually I find that my team members don't try hard enough, actually it's all not that difficult, just have to commit time to find out how to fix it, but most people just want to go home on the dot, like that how to leave good impression to boss, not that I want to take credit, it's that they cannot solve the problem then my boss throw to me, I don't mind doing other people shit since my boss can see that I can deliver, he knows I can deliver that's why he throw to me, but come bonus or increment time then these same people will complain say wah why increment so low, why bonus so little bit, so typical people, want the best but don't want to sacrifice anything.

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