25 April 2016

Tried Nene Chicken for the First Time

I saw it on foodpanda for quite a while now but today I decided to give it a try, I was holding back because I'm not really a fan of Korean products, dramas, idols or even chicken, ok I like Gangnam style and that's about it. And their chicken always look like those American buffalo wings where they drown it in all sorts of sauces which I don't like and it's very oily even with all that sauces.

End up this Nene chicken is not oily at all but it's very juicy and it has a special aroma, probably their secret ingredient, and most importantly they give an option to separate the sauce.

The box


Sauces I choose their Swicy and Honey mustard dip sauces, I bought the 18 wings and sticks so I get to choose two sauces, and two starters which are coleslaw and corn salad. The starters are very basic, I think KFC and Popeyes offer better coleslaw, as for the corn salad, it's just corn with mayo, nothing special.

I didn't try the Swicy sauce but I guess it is sweet and spicy, I was enjoying the honey mustard, damn power.

Nene chicken closeup

In case like me you are wondering what is the meaning of "18 wings and sticks", well it's just 9 pieces of chicken wings, they cut off the drumlets and it becomes 18 pieces. And the chicken is a smaller one, the wings are also smaller but ok la for two person more than enough, I think can serve 3-4 people.

Oh forgot I also ordered a smoked salmon gimbaps, not bad, it's a giant sushi with lots of veggies inside with smoked salmon, very healthy tasting. It also comes with a small pack of soya sauce for dip.

Will definitely order again, good fried chicken and sauces, must try, remember to separate the sauce if you don't like it drowned.

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