27 May 2016

Received Final Government Matching for CDA

Just noticed that the final $1,500 matching from government in baby's CDA:

Baby's Child Development Account

I put in $6,000, government matched $6,000, total have $12,000, and also last year government topped up $500, the other $230.28 is interest from OCBC.

This money I think very helpful if need to go nursery or kindergarten, if choose those less expensive ones, I don't think can use finish, but if choose those one month $1000+ type, one year finish.

Now I'm thinking whether nursery is even necessary at all, I remember last time I go nursery, only eat, sleep, play, run around, never really learn anything useful. Kindergarten I remember sing songs, eat, sleep, run around, also kind of crap. Now maybe they improved I don't know.

Too bad CDA cannot pay for those martial arts classes or music classes, I think it's better for baby to learn something more specialized, if go to nursery or kindergarten, they probably just teach abc, sing song, 123, play toys, play with other kids, except for the socializing part, the rest all can learn at home. Good thing about socializing is can have friends and all that, but bad thing is as I always say, if your friends are smart, you are smart, if your friends are stupid, you are stupid, I know this because last time I also mix with bad company, otherwise who knows my life could have been very much different, the reality is that "friends" can either make or break a person.

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