28 May 2016

Singapore Police Force Scary Efficient


In this day and age Singapore still have robbery cases, but I guess we are just living too comfortably to know that bad things will always happen.

Anyway this poor uncle was robbed of $60 and badly injured, he was robbed at 5.30am in Tampines, then on the same day at 4pm, the police managed to arrest the robber, wah seh, less than 12 hours settled.

But I cannot imagine why people would want to rob, and for $60 go and beat up someone, how many people will bring so much valuables out for them to rob, if really want might as well go target those richer people right, go target people trying hard to make a living, this robber also bastard.

Furthermore since this bastard have the energy to go rob and beat up people, why not get a job instead, I can only say he is a lazy useless bum.

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