24 May 2016

Visited Wife's Cardiologist at NUH

Today went to see her cardiologist, he said need to prepare for her valve replacement surgery. It will be an open-heart surgery, no other option, and it will take about one month for her to recover, so if we decide to proceed, we need to switch to milk powder for baby because now baby is mostly eating breast milk, some cereal, and some milk powder.

He mentioned that her echo results last week is getting worse, her valve seems to be getting narrower, what I understand from him is that if the valve is blocked, it can result in sudden death. So he arranged for us to meet the surgeon in Jun, the surgeon will explain the details to us.

But wife is not keen on the surgery, she said that she is feeling well now, ultimately I cannot force her, I can only try to encourage her to go do it while she is still young.

I did some research, actually mechanical valve is supposed to last a patient's lifetime, but thanks to those bogus doctors in Thailand, they go and put a smaller valve for her. My wife told me on the day of operation in 2010, they realized that they don't have the right size, so they decided to use a smaller valve! Like that also can, where got last minute then realize don't have right size and just anyhow whack in one, now this smaller valve only lasted her about 5 or 6 years and need to change, those bastards.

By the way my wife had her operation done at Srinagarind Hospital in 2010, it is in Khon Kaen, better don't go there, I went there one time and I don't find it as good as what my wife told me, after that I realized how good our hospitals are, at least we have higher standards and I'm sure we don't go anyhow whack in a valve that is not the right size.

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