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Sushi Express Eat at Home!


Richie's Crispy Puff @ 47 Tanglin Halt Road

Location map.

Cheap and good, they also sell nasi lemak, ramly burger, curry chicken, there's some other food which I didn't take photo. One of my favourite is the 3 in 1 fritter, yam, nian gao and sweet potato pressed together and deep fried. Also have banana fritter.

They have a variety of puffs, curry chicken, mutton, black pepper, lemon tuna, all are nice.

They also sell ice blend, I tried their honey lemon blend, not bad, only $1.80.

Medix TMB-995 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

I bought it at Watsons, the brand is Medix, $59.90, it comes with everything, power adapter, batteries and cuff, basically can use right out of the box.

Checked my blood pressure is 129/76, seems to have improved significantly from last check, I guess the coconut water that I have been drinking helps. At first I bought the UFC brand, after that I found that the potassium is very high, so I switched to Tipco brand.

Potassium is good for body but too much can cause problem, like people always say, eat in moderation.

Most Likely My Last Army Call-Up

Few days ago I received a call-up stating that my annual ICT is next year Jan, just nice 3 months before my birthday, which means if I clear my RT for this year, no need to take any more IPPT, summary it means that this is my last ICT and my last IPPT, swee la.

So counting this one, I would have cleared 7 high-keys, I have many low keys so no worry about that, this time confirm MR, after that must celebrate, but knowing that I'm not an extravagant person, I will probably celebrate by myself in a simple manner, my wife probably don't even care, she never been in army so she don't know my suffering.

Snails Come Out During Rain

Saw a whole group of them on the grass patch today!

Phew, No Major Health Problem

That day I went for health screening and found that my blood pressure was too high, today I received the report, shows the same blood pressure number, systolic is 146, normal should be less than 130.

Another alert is my cholesterol, Total Cholesterol is 231.60, normal should be less than 200, and Triglycerides is 288.84, normal should be less than 200 too.

The rest of the readings are within normal range.

I think losing weight and eating more omega 3 acid is the way to go, tomorrow go run, after that buy some omega 3 milk and tuna.

Google Photos Labelled Black People as Gorilla


I thought it was super funny lol, but if compare the photos with gorillas, obviously they don't look like gorillas, maybe only the girl because of her funny faces, I think it's her huge mouth haha.

Qoo10: What You See is Not What You Get?

Today while reading, I chanced upon a Qoo10 link that says "USS One Day Pass: $48 only on Qoo10", this same ticket would cost $74 if you purchase it at their official site, so wow, $26 cheaper, why not buy it right?

But as I clicked the link, it brought me to a page where I have to select an option at the bottom before I can proceed, so I choose Adult, end up have to add another $16 before I can buy it, final price is $64 instead of the advertised $48! Since adult price is $64, why not just advertise as $64?

Health Screening Detected High Blood Pressure

Yesterday I went for health screening, did urine test, took height & weight, checked body fat, checked blood pressure and extracted two tubes of blood for tests. I'm waiting for the complete report but the nurse told me my blood pressure was 146; first time was higher so she asked me to rest 10 minutes after drawing blood and re-take.

According to this link, 146 is Grade 1 Hypertension, so I think it's a red flag since it is higher than normal; normal is less than 130. I also read that hypertension is a symtomless disease, and it can quietly damage my body and possibly lead to sudden death, now maybe that explains why there are cases of people who suddenly died, maybe they are also like me who neglected themselves.

I think after my wife got pregnant in 2014, and have baby in 2015, during these periods I mostly neglected myself by gaining too much weight, but good thing is I decided to go for this health screening otherwise I will just keep on living my unhealthy lifestyle,…

Poor Bonus and Increment This Year

Previously I estimated my bonus to be 2 months and increment to be 3%, the end result is worse than expected.

Bonus I got 1.13 months, increment is $81 which is about 1.79% of my basic salary of $4,504, but then again I got a poor rating this year so nothing major to complain about, but it's kind of pathetic right, furthermore we don't have 13th month bonus, this is the only bonus that we have so it really sucks.

Overall my annual income for this round would be $59,137.52, last round I got $60,794.20, difference of $1,656.68.

Ah well, definitely disappointing but moving forward I want to improve so that I can get a better rating next year, from now until next round of review I don't have plan to take any long leave so hopefully it can help to boost my rating.


Supposed to See Wife's Surgeon Today

Appointment was at 9am, she refused to wake up, say why so early, appointment at 9am of course wake up early and go early, she think 9am means go out at 9am, now even best, 9am appointment she wake up at 9am, but it's very obvious she don't want to go la, told her it's to see the surgeon to talk about the surgery, she is not keen, more like against the idea.

She says she feels ok and don't need surgery, I think what she meant is when something really happen then send her to the emergency, like that who knows what will happen, if lucky then ok, or else how.

Anyway if she don't want to go I also cannot force her, I can only encourage her, ultimately she is the patient, she has to make the decision, but if I'm the patient, of course I would go for the operation, do it while still young, why wait, why avoid the necessary, today don't do some other day also have to do, doing it in a controlled situation is definitely better than doing it during emergency.

Delete Pre-Installed Apps in iOS 10


Sounds like great news, can save some space but most importantly can get rid of those pre-installed apps which I never use, podcast, voice memo and etc, also don't know what they are for, I like clean interface so I like to get rid of useless stuff.

But so far still happy with my iPhone 6S, no problem so far.

Guess My Bonus and Increment

As spoken previously, I expected my performance rating to be worse than last round, this has been confirmed, it is one grade lower than last year, but still not bad la, I heard someone still can get 2.1 months bonus, as for increment I don't know how much, I'm guessing at least 3%.

So I'm expecting at least 2 months bonus and 3% increment, but see how it goes, who knows how differently it will end up, but I think that is like quite low already, work one whole year 2 months bonus and 3% increment is kind of slow.

Actually I feel that my current package is good, of course some people at my age are getting way more, or some fresh grads already close to my salary or more, it's not impossible, I heard of a degree fresh grad starting pay $3.9K, that was years back, now it could be more, but that guy is probably a scholar or somebody impressive, for normal grads maybe $3K to $3.5K starting pay very possible.

Too bad private companies don't pay more for national service gu…

CDL Hospitality Trusts Changed Management Company

Today I tried to search for CDL Hospitality Trusts at SGX website but I could not find, after that I went to their website and saw this announcement that they have strike off the company, if you look at the first link, the reit is now managed by a different company:
"CDL Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust is managed by M&C REIT Management Limited, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc." So if you go under Company Information > Company Announcements at SGX website, you can find CDL Hospitality Trusts under M&C:

Apparently it's just a change of management company, didn't seem to affect the share price at all.

Fried Prawn Noodle and Braised Duck at 448 Clementi

Google map.

The prawn noodle is not bad, I find it a little bit bland but it's still alright la, I have eaten better ones. This plate is $4.

This braised dish is super power, this plate cost me $11, I ordered a mix of duck, pork, tau pok, pig skin and egg. The sauce is ultimate, I think I like this one more than the Yu Kee Duck Rice sauce, and their rice is also very nice, this dish goes extremely well with rice. The sauce is so glossy, I wonder how they make it like that lol.

Received My RT Pay

Today I received a notice saying that I will be paid $19.08 for my RT session, not bad, go RT also can get money lol.

So if go 20 times, can get $381.60, quite decent amount, so if I only take bus, that means go exercise also can earn money. Now RT also easier, longer period to clear, last time 3 months must clear 20 session, now 1 year to clear same amount of sessions, finally they give NSmen a break.

Warcraft Movie Singapore Launch on 09 Jun 2016

Release info.

Imdb link.

After such a long wait this move is finally going to be on the big screen, I'm a Warcraft fan, I'm fascinated with its lore, I remember spending hours reading on the lore at the World of Warcraft website, now I think it's no longer there but can still find it wowwiki.

I remember my first exposure to Warcraft was the game Warcraft 2, I watched my primary school friend play at his house on his family computer, that time I think it was quite a big deal to have a computer at home, that friend of mine comes from a quite well off family. I only got my first computer when I was 17 years old and I had to pay for it myself via installments haha.

Can't remember whether it was during or after NS, I bought Warcraft 3 with the Frozen Throne expansion, it's also a strategy game like it's predecessors, and I suck at strategy games, but the plot is very interesting, I keep playing it just for the story, there are 4 factions so I get to see the stories f…

Went for First Session of RT

I booked RT at Maju Camp, today is my first session, total need to clear 19, last window I took IPPT so discount one session otherwise need to clear 20 sessions.

I have never been to Maju Camp, looks like a very old army camp, the buildings definitely older than me, not sure what camp it is, good thing is that the bus stop is not very far away from the main gate so don't have to walk very far, but the bus stop to the camp is very far from my home, have to walk about 15 minutes, maybe next time just take taxi.

So I in-pro at 9.17am and got myself a green tag, the session is supposed to be from 9.30am to 11am, the counter closed at around 9.40am, but I overheard from someone that if come late can go into office to scan. By the way RT is green tag, IPT is red, yellow I think is for IPPT.

At around 9.45am, the PTI call green tag into the gym, wah shiok man, got aircon, I know RT is quite relax but today was more relax than I expected, go in do warm-up, do some stations using the gym e…

F&N Pineapple!

Just now went to Sheng Siong and saw this new drink, F&N Pineapple, it says limited edition, one bottle for $1.70, don't know good or not haven't try yet, but the yellow colour makes it look so delicious lol.

Getting Bored of Sakae Sushi

Just now went to eat Sakae Sushi, compared to Sushi Express I think the latter is better, and cheaper. Their sushi one only $0.50 and quality is there, Sakae also have quality but it's pricy, plus all the service charge and GST, simple meal for two can range from $50 to $60+.

Anyway I like Sakae's takoyaki, every time we go there must order at least 3 plates. Their salmon also very fresh, overall still not bad la.

The following is one of their otah creations, I find their otah ok, I think those otah sold at markets are way better, and cheaper. This one is $4.95 per plate, only 4 small pieces.

Went for Army Medical Review

My excuse expired late last month so today I went to see whether there is any news of my medical board review. MO told me it was rejected because it's just a sprain, I guess they don't think it is serious enough to downgrade me but it's alright, I just need excuse from push-up, otherwise there is no way I can pass my IPPT.

So the MO submitted another review, this time is to excuse me so that I can skip push-up and just do 2-station IPPT. Today he gave me another 84 days excuse. Now see how the review goes, anyway I have booked my RT this coming Sunday, just take it as exercise, I go exercise on Sundays anyway, I got 19 RT to clear lol.

Baby's Skin is Getting Better

Last week I tried putting on the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for baby, now her skin is so much better, so smooth, not dry anymore, I also tried the cream myself, I had a dry spot at my tummy area, I put the cream almost daily and now the dry spot looks and feels so much better!
Wife also try, she also think the cream is very good.