17 June 2016

Poor Bonus and Increment This Year

Previously I estimated my bonus to be 2 months and increment to be 3%, the end result is worse than expected.

Bonus I got 1.13 months, increment is $81 which is about 1.79% of my basic salary of $4,504, but then again I got a poor rating this year so nothing major to complain about, but it's kind of pathetic right, furthermore we don't have 13th month bonus, this is the only bonus that we have so it really sucks.

Overall my annual income for this round would be $59,137.52, last round I got $60,794.20, difference of $1,656.68.

Ah well, definitely disappointing but moving forward I want to improve so that I can get a better rating next year, from now until next round of review I don't have plan to take any long leave so hopefully it can help to boost my rating.


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