15 June 2016

Supposed to See Wife's Surgeon Today

Appointment was at 9am, she refused to wake up, say why so early, appointment at 9am of course wake up early and go early, she think 9am means go out at 9am, now even best, 9am appointment she wake up at 9am, but it's very obvious she don't want to go la, told her it's to see the surgeon to talk about the surgery, she is not keen, more like against the idea.

She says she feels ok and don't need surgery, I think what she meant is when something really happen then send her to the emergency, like that who knows what will happen, if lucky then ok, or else how.

Anyway if she don't want to go I also cannot force her, I can only encourage her, ultimately she is the patient, she has to make the decision, but if I'm the patient, of course I would go for the operation, do it while still young, why wait, why avoid the necessary, today don't do some other day also have to do, doing it in a controlled situation is definitely better than doing it during emergency.


Anonymous said...

I think your wife doesn't want to spend more of your money. I think just explain to her the long-term consequences. If wait until the condition gets worse, probably have to spend even more of your money (e.g. operation, rehabilitation fees, etc). I guess patients sometimes are in a self-denial mode and think the condition will get better naturally.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah I told her if she want to do it, now is the best time because she is young, but she insist on waiting and see how, like that how lol. For me I don't really worry about the money, if need to spend, then no point thinking too much, just do it.