05 June 2016

Went for First Session of RT

I booked RT at Maju Camp, today is my first session, total need to clear 19, last window I took IPPT so discount one session otherwise need to clear 20 sessions.

I have never been to Maju Camp, looks like a very old army camp, the buildings definitely older than me, not sure what camp it is, good thing is that the bus stop is not very far away from the main gate so don't have to walk very far, but the bus stop to the camp is very far from my home, have to walk about 15 minutes, maybe next time just take taxi.

So I in-pro at 9.17am and got myself a green tag, the session is supposed to be from 9.30am to 11am, the counter closed at around 9.40am, but I overheard from someone that if come late can go into office to scan. By the way RT is green tag, IPT is red, yellow I think is for IPPT.

At around 9.45am, the PTI call green tag into the gym, wah shiok man, got aircon, I know RT is quite relax but today was more relax than I expected, go in do warm-up, do some stations using the gym equipment, bicep curl, squats and all that, I thought my arm cannot but end up still can do, I think only pushing cannot such as bench press or push up but today never do either one, so after that around 10.15am break, come back at 10.30am, do warm-down, then go home, lol damn fast, but good la, I like fast game.

I think now the RT is designed to be much shorter duration but more intense, just now supposed to do 4 cycles of the stations, end up doing only 2, because most of us do it slowly, and the PTI also don't want to push us too hard, I think he scared later push until NSman die then he jia lat, nowadays NSman very fragile, better not be too zealous.

Overall I think it's too lax, but of course it's great for NSman like me, we just want it to be short and sweet, but on a practical note, if I rely only on RT for training to pass my IPPT, I can say it's not sufficient, I must still go do my own push-up, sit-up and running in order to pass, just those gym activities won't help much.

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