04 July 2016

KNN The RT Suddenly So Siong

After my first RT session, I thought all following sessions will be sibei relax, wah enjoy aircon and slack, each session after that getting more and more siong, was it because somebody at MINDEF read my post and feedback to army lol.

Last Sunday they made us do squats with medicine ball, squat, hold and repeat until my legs soft, after that run up slope with the ball, come down and do squats and push-up chest touch the ball, the push-up I just do ultra half-fuck since I have pectoral strain, reminds me of my NSF days, run somewhere touch something then come back.

After that really shag out, whole day no energy, and some more the weather was super hot, even inside shelter area also feel like oven.

And by the way now I know what the colour tags mean, green means weight loss, red means cardio or something, yellow don't know what, it's not like the old system where green means RT, red means IPT, yellow means IPPT, now it's like NSmen can get to choose what kind of training they want, maybe they can come up with a gym tag, only go gym, have aircon.

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