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Turn On the TV Nothing But Bad News

The Zika virus is here, don't know who or what brought it here, now pregnant women have to be careful, the virus can cause birth defect, see those babies with small head. For adults and children I think should be nothing serious. Then the haze, what on earth is Indonesia doing, so many years and they are still burning, never improve, but at least this time their VP or ministers never come out and gong lan jiao wei, or maybe they have but never report in news. Deep down really wish somebody will nuke that country and remove them from the face of this planet. Or at least should tie these two fuckers in the middle of their hotspots, then they will know the ba wu, while in the comfort of their office in Jakarta, I doubt they can understand how it feels like to smell the smoke.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 10-Series Changes Mobile Gaming

The time has finally arrived, previously if you want to get a powerful laptop that can play high-end games you need to burn a big hole in your pocket and yet it cannot even compare to desktop GPUs. Now with GeForce 10-Series, it completely changes mobile gaming, just look at the performance of this AFTERSHOCK S-15 Laptop , it's running GTX 1060, starting price is only S$2016. Last time if you ask me to buy a laptop, I would never do it, but now it's different, it's about time I get rid of my desktop, so big and bulky and it cannot even compare to this laptop. If I need a bigger screen, I can just get a monitor or reuse my current monitor. So tempted to buy.

Sigh, Still Never Win Toto

Today go work really sibei sian, see the lusers I also fed up, kind of no energy to entertain them anymore. If kena toto tomorrow can throw letter but unfortunately never kena lol. Everyday have to go work and see other people face, that is what happens when you are taking other people salary, even my boss also have to bow down to customer, customer is always right, even when it's freaking obvious that even a blind man can see they are wrong, they are still right, fucking awesome logic. Today encounter this stupid old bitch, ask her to do testing, she made a mistake and she insisted system problem, so many other people use no problem only her got problem, then fine, fix the issue just for her, after that she kao peh about another problem, also her mistake, she go and mess up the thing then insist not her, I checked backend audit log captured her user id, she die die insist not her fault haha, don't know she lying or audit log lying. Really feel like shoving her face down in

Win Toto but Not Big Prize

So far the largest amount I won is $10, buy $10 win $10, as if never buy lol. I hope one day I can win $1M so I can say goodbye to the rat race, everyday work work work also sibei sian, sigh. Now I look at my daughter I find that she is very fortunate, everyday no need to worry as we do all the worrying, kids really good life. But actually kids in SG really good life, safe from a lot of dangers as everything is laid out nicely, just need to follow the guideline and walk the common path and most likely your future is guaranteed. See nowadays fresh graduate salary $3-4K they also find it little, I work so long not even $5K, but don't work how, my father not rich so have to work, sigh.

Baby Heart Operation this November

Today we went to see her surgeon, he explained to us why the operation is necessary, basically if we don't do it now, as she grows older her condition will damage other parts of her organs, such as her lung, by then it would be another kind of problem that we have to deal with, so best is just do it now and solve the problem at its root. We asked if there is alternative to open-heart surgery, he said for her case no because he needs to patch the hole, problem is there is a missing part, so he needs to use some of her tissue for patching. He mentioned that most likely in her lifetime she only needs to do it once, hopefully that is the case. So now we fixed the surgery date in Nov, they also emailed me the estimated cost for C and B2 wards: C Ward B2 Ward Seems like C or B2 I probably don't need to pay any cash, all can pay by Medisave, but I will just choose C, no point choosing higher and pay more.

Egg Prata, One of My Favourite


Toilet Got Stuck

My toilet was stuck for about a week, the water took some time to drain unlike previously after flush it immediately drained, I guess something got stuck inside. I bought a large pump for $8.50, also bought a bottle of drain cleaner solution for $5, tried both doesn't work, ended up making it worse. So I ordered a toilet auger at Amazon, it's a Cobra 3 feet toilet auger, $12.95 USD, shipping cost is $41.91, total $54.86 USD. It could be cheaper but I want it fast so I choose priority shipping so it was much more expensive. Then yesterday my wife managed to unclog the thing with a smaller hand pump, wtf, I wasted $13.50 for those two useless things. So I tried to cancel my Amazon order, good thing is they haven't ship so cancelling is very straightforward, just cancel and they emailed me to inform that cancellation successful, no charge made to my credit card since they haven't ship the thing. I'm not too sure what happen if they already ship, anyway good t

Went Makan at Chinatown, Heard Schooling Won Gold!?!

On our way to Chinatown for makan, I heard on radio that Joseph Schooling won the gold medal in Brazil Olympics, wow, the feeling is like Singapore start snowing lol, first gold for Singapore, after so long we finally get one gold. Congratulations to him and Singapore. Today makan, shiok, eat like this only $40:

Allergy Come Back Again

Last week after eat medicine was okay, but still had a few minor outbursts, then today notice something weird, if I scratch my skin, the area that I scratched will get itchy, I tried drawing 1, 2 and 3, see second picture, the bumps come out as what I had drawn, wtf. I google and found the term " dermographism ", I think maybe also because stressful at work, so many shit to do, good thing I still have the antihistamine, just took one, hopefully tomorrow wake up no more.

Pokemon Go Craze

Yesterday I downloaded and gave it a try, sign up account, create my avatar and started playing. So when a pokemon appears, just press it and it will activate the phone camera, it's just like any camera just that the pokemon appears in the camera, looks kind of real. So just aim the ball and throw it at the pokemon to capture it. First try, interesting, second try, nothing much, it gets old really fast, don't know what the craze is about, kind of bo liao, I think play tetris more fun.

Crystal Jade Fortune 5 Chicken, So Crispy

I think they changed their menu or something, never see this chicken before, previously eat the white skin chicken, now is roasted chicken, skin very crispy, meat very tender, damn nice, must try.

Probably Going for Baby's Surgery

Seen baby's cardiologist today, she referred us to a surgeon who will do her heart surgery to close the hole. We will see the surgeon in about 2 week's time. Wife is not keen on the surgery but after some persuasion from the staff, she agreed to do it. I think it's good that the operation is done when she is still very young, when she gets older she probably won't even remember it, and by then the scar would have healed and can't see a thing. Anyway wife wants MIL to come, also good, if her mother is here at least she won't be so worried, but I trust our doctors more than those in Thailand, our surgical standard is very high, that's what I believe.

Cetirizine So Power

After taking my first dose, the itching is gone, but now feel very drowsy, I think it's the medicine taking effect, I google and found that this drug have quite a number of side effects: Source Cetirizine side effects Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Stop using cetirizine and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects: fast, pounding, or uneven heartbeat; weakness, tremors (uncontrolled shaking), or sleep problems (insomnia); severe restless feeling, hyperactivity; confusion; problems with vision; or urinating less than usual or not at all. Less serious side effects may include: dizziness, drowsiness; tired feeling; dry mouth; sore throat, cough; nausea, constipation; or headache. I think I'm feeling weakness, eyes blurry, drowsy, tired, dry mouth, if I can still type I guess i

Allergic Reaction and Itchy All Over!

I think very likely the cause is the fish cakes that I bought at Tiong Bahru Market last Friday. I bought their giant fish balls, tau kwa with fish paste and fish rolls with crab stick and veggie. The fish rolls tasted funny, wonder if it was because I bought in the day and ate in the evening, but my wife ate already no problem, only me, I think I might be allergic to something in the fish, tau kwa cannot be, should be the fish paste, don't know what fish is it. Or it could be the nasi ayam I ate at the same market, maybe it's the chilli, but I think most likely is still the fish paste, because I ate the nasi ayam during lunch, after that never felt anything unusual, only in the evening after eating the fish products, I started to itch all over, last week itchy until now, at night cannot sleep, legs will have itchy bumps, it's like being bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes. At first still thought it was mosquito bites, can feel something land on my legs, but I woke and l