12 October 2016

Everyday OT!

These few days super busy with work, everyday work until very late, no energy to blog. But at least coming to weekend soon, only weekend then can relax.

Today got one company call me up, it's a big firm, they got a senior position lobang super near my home, take bus I think 15 minutes can reach. Job scope basically same like now, do everything, but if near home and salary is better, I don't see why not.

I think IT line all can be quite siong la, everywhere also same, most important thing is don't get low-ball salary, currently I feel a bit underpaid, probably because this year bonus like shit but workload increase, and this year package actually lower than last year, sad. Furthermore the users also like shit, since all shit might as well aim for higher salary and convenience right, at the end of the month only the dollar counts haha, all the hard work and stress are worthless.

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