04 October 2016

Job Agency Call Me

Yesterday I submitted my resume through a few websites, today got a call from an agent, he say got lobang for me, job is similar to what I am currently doing, ask me why I want to find new job, I say I want a change of environment.

He ask me salary I want how much, I say $4800 to $5000, then ask me to list down my skills, while listing down I realized that I learned a lot of things in these few years with current company, but now seems like slowing down tremendously. First few years it's like racing at 120km/h, now it's like 50-60km/h, like just getting by, just doing because I have to do, not because I have the motivation to want to do.

Really feeling stagnant already, maybe that's why I want to move on, go to a new place, meet new people, learn new things, gain experience in a different industry but of course still software related.

Now as I write this, still not very sure whether I want to jump or not, what if they call me up for interview, go see how, what if they hire me, should I jump or don't jump, I guess just wait to see if they even call me for interview or not lol.

These few days I'm trying to make myself want to like my current job, see how it goes, but current company restructuring, they trying very hard to cut cost, they don't retrench people but they cut AWS, cut performance bonus, the benefits is alright but can be better since the overall money is lower now. But I can say today can have a job is considered very good already, maybe I'm just taking things for granted.

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