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Oyster Char Kway Teow @ People's Park Food Centre

I didn't know oyster also can char kway teow, and this one super power, never put dark soya sauce, I think only fish sauce and chilli sauce, kway teow, yellow noodles, eggs, bean sprouts and oysters, got 4 pieces. Oysters were big and fresh, one plate $4 very worth it. Got $6 version, extra noodles and oysters. If drop by must try.

Surgeon Review and Baby's Hospital Bill

Today baby went back to surgeon again for review, surgeon said everything is well, he gave an open appointment in 2 months time, if nothing happen then can just cancel the appointment.

Now the hospital bill. By the way the procedure name for her hospital stay is Ostium Primum Atrial Septal Defect Closure, in layman's term is to close a hole in her heart.

Total charges for 7 days stay was $23,672.96, of which 4 days were in ICU. Singapore hospital bill really scary, and this is for non-complicated case, my daughter was scheduled for 10 days stay, ended up only stay for 7 days.

Then government subsidized $19,138.67, which is 80.84% of the bill.

If my daughter is not a Singaporean, then I will have to pay $23,672.96.

So $23,672.96 - $19,138.67 = $4534.29 payable.

Then out of $4534.29, I only need to pay $1803.43 from my Medisave, the remaining amount of $2730.86 is covered by Medishield Life.

Big Grasshopper Outside Anchorpoint Shopping Mall

First time I saw such a big insect in city, maybe this guy lost his way.

David's Laksa & Mee Siam

Seen the stall a few times at the market but never try, don't know good or not, maybe tomorrow will go try, must support local hawkers.

27 Nov 2016 update:

Today went to try, the laksa not bad, I like it, but mee siam I find it a bit oily, anyway I don't really like sour food, $3 each, eat until full, hawker food is the best.

Guardian Charcoal Pore Strips $3.95 10 Strips

Find that my nose have a lot of black heads, so I decided to try out this product, only $3.95 and ok la, not super effective but not bad, at least can remove some, or maybe I didn't properly follow the instructions.

Pearl Centre 21 Nov 2016

Took a photo as memento, I think government going to tear down this building soon, very old and smelly building, every time I walk past there is the smell of piss, walk inside even worse, the stench can be unbearable at times. Got one time spot one old man pissing outside the building in broad daylight, jia lat.

But I like the food there, there used to be a Malay stall with excellent and cheap food, and a chicken rice stall at the end also power, don't know where they moved to.

Foodpanda Riders Can Earn Up to $6000 a Month


Somebody told me delivery riders earn more than me, I'm not surprised but I am curious to know how much. Sounds like very good money, Foodpanda have this page which shows their compensation:

But is it easy money? Let's see.

So every hour the rider gets paid at least $9 regardless of any delivery made. That's already not bad.

So how many deliveries can a rider make in an hour?

1 is expected, 1 hour for one delivery.
2 is reasonable, 30 minutes for each delivery.
3 is you got to be fast, 20 minutes for each delivery.
4 is you got to be super fast, 15 minutes for each delivery.
5 and above I think it's just plain luck to be able to make it happen or you can teleport or you are the only rider on the road and there is no such thing as traffic light and the sky never rains.

2 hours break.
9 hours work.
30 days work.

Rider 1 who earns $9 per hour = 9 * 9 * 30 = $2430
Rider 2 who earns $9.5 per hour by delivering only in CBD = 9.5 * 9 * 30 = $2565

Let's say every ho…

Today Received the last $1000 Baby Bonus

To date I have received $8000 cash gift from government, of which $6000 I put CDA, actually should be $14000 since they matched 1:1 for baby's CDA, I told my foreign colleagues they shocked, in their country where got such thing.

But I think later when pay for pre-school all will be gone very fast, now pre-school so expensive, still undecided whether to send her to pre-school, feel like it's a waste of money. People tell me it's good for her to interact with other kids, I feel that it's not so good, if mix with good kids is ok, mix with those jia lat ones then gone case.

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet

Tomorrow MIL and wife's cousin going home so I brought them to try this BBQ, never disappoint me and glad they liked it too.

Seems like they have some new dishes, the Gimbap and the french fries with a piece of squid inside deep fried, not bad.

I have a video too:

Worth Opening a Bank Account in Thailand?

I found that the deposit rate for non-resident is 0%, checked major banks like Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungthai Bank and Siam Commercial Bank and they are all the same. It's like you deposit 10,000 Baht into your savings account, after 10 years you still have 10,000 Baht lol.

I think if visiting occasionally kind of pointless to open an account because it's not really any more convenient than using your ATM card from your home country, plus there is the withdrawal charges from your home bank and the agent bank i.e. the bank who operates the ATM. I did one or two such withdrawals very long ago, I remember the home bank will charge once, and the agent bank will also charge once, I think the charges for one withdrawal is around S$5 to S$10. I think there is a percentage factor, so when you withdraw large amounts the charges will be much more, got to check with your home bank.

But if you are living there, I think a bank account is a must-have, working maybe not so much, I do…

Baby Still Cannot Talk

Now she is about 18 months and she still can't speak a single word, sometimes she can make sounds like mama but other than that the rest are unintelligible. Wonder if it is speech delay, wife say it is ok, I think maybe in Thailand it is normal, I don't know but ang moh babies can say words at 18 months or earlier. Here I also don't know whether it is normal, to me most important is her health, her character, the rest I guess it just needs time.

But at least now she can walk by herself, I remember she suddenly started walking last month, it just happened lol.

For me I was a late bloomer, when I was a kid people said I was very blur, they called me blur king, then in my teen years my peers always seemed smarter than me, I was always a follower, then after NS things started to change, can say that my brain started wake up, I guess it's true when people say NS can change a person. Now my life isn't too bad, at least not as bad as I used to thought it would be.

Now bab…

Baby Stitches Removed

Today baby went to see her surgeon to remove the stitches, surgeon said everything is well. Baby also seen her cardiologist, they did a scan for her, also said everything is well. Good.

Check Child's Immunisation Records Online in Singapore

Did you know you can check your child's immunisation records online? Well it is not surprising if you didn't, even people whom I know are IT-savvy didn't know about it.

National Immunisation Registry (NIR)

You need to log in with your SingPass account, after that you can search for your child's record. It is a very useful service in case you forgotten all about your child's vaccines, or worse you lost her health booklet.

There is also a new eService named HealthHub. Here on top of immunisation records, you can also view appointments, hospital stays and more, very useful service. Also log in with SingPass.

Trip to Sentosa

Today brought MIL and wife's cousin to Sentosa via the Boardwalk from VivoCity, on a whim we also took the tram to the Beach Station and explored all the way to Siloso Point, great sightseeing and relaxing walk.

Too bad we didn't bring along extra shirts, shorts and towels, the beaches were so beautiful, felt like jumping into the water lol.

We ate at Fish & Co. for lunch, satisfying as usual, I will always recommend them if anybody asks me for a good place to eat. For restaurant prices they serve very large portions, great value for money and food is good.

After that we did a few hours of sightseeing, long time didn't visit Siloso area so it was something fresh for me.

Then dinner we ate at Crystal Jade Dining IN, quite disappointing, for restaurant prices their portions were miserable. Fried rice was great though, the rest were alright.

Baby Discharged!

So happy that everything went so well, in total stay about 6 days instead of 10 days. Now baby can walk, can baba gaga, she recovering so fast.

But she has a long cut on her chest, her neck also bruises due to the pokes from needles, I think it will all heal in time, have to put the cream for her, I think the cocoa butter cream is very good, ask wife to put for her later.

Baby Maybe can Discharge Tomorrow!

Today I didn't go visit her as I work late, but wife stay with her, so wife said just now they did x-ray for her and everything seems to be great, the water in her lungs seems to be gone or became lesser, didn't hear her clearly, anyway they are going to do one more round of x-ray tomorrow, if everything is ok, they can discharge her.

She really is recovering very fast, remember last Friday she did her operation, then tomorrow maybe can discharge, so total only about 4 days stay, much lesser than the estimated 10 days. By the way they took the tube out of her nose, now she looks much better, can't imagine a tube into my nose lol.

Baby Moved to Normal Ward

Doctor said there is some water in her lungs, think they prescribed some medication for her, I guess otherwise they won't be moving her to normal ward, her wheezing is gone but she kept making strange noises, I think it's because of the tube into her nose.

Other than that, she can sit up now, can also carry her, but she looked tired, maybe a few days time she can start to walk.

Baby Looks Good Today

They took out most of the tubes, now left with one into her nose and one on her left hand. Nurse say maybe tomorrow can transfer to normal ward.

She also started feeding orally, I think that is a huge improvement, hopefully this week can discharge.

One huge stone off my chest.

Baby Recovering Well

She still has slight wheezing but better than yesterday when they took out the tube from her nose, other than that everything seems to be ok.

Baby's Operation went Very Well

That's according to her paediatric cardiologist, she was here at the operating theatre, very professional of her to drop by.

Baby went into the operating theatre at around 9am, after that at about 2pm I received a call from a staff telling me that they would transfer her to the paediatric ICU in 1 hour time, so around 3pm I dropped by the ward, saw baby's name outside the room, felt a great relief.

After that I brought everyone to the ward, this time we managed to catch a glimpse of baby, she was sleeping, looks normal except the big white patch on her chest, anyway she was on general anaesthesia so I think she will sleep until tomorrow, maybe wake up a bit but will go back sleeping, so I brought everyone home, no point waiting there, just let her rest.

Baby Admitted to Hospital

Tomorrow morning she will have her operation to close the hole in her heart, just now she kept crying, I think she is scared of the strange new environment, she cried even harder when they tried to put the blood plug for her, unfortunately they didn't manage to do so as her blood vessels were too small, they will try again later.
Poor little baby... but what needs to be done has to be done.

I booked C class ward for her, they say it's an 8-bedded ward, but end up the ward only have 6 beds so it's not as noisy as we expected, actually baby is the noisiest one in the whole ward as she kept crying lol.
And quite surprisingly the ward has free WIFI, so good thing we brought along her iPad so she can watch cartoon, but kind of troublesome as there seems to be a timeout, so have to sign in again and again quite often, but still better than nothing.
By the way lucky we brought along her pram, ended up being useful as we can push her around instead of a wheelchair.
Hope her operat…