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2 More Days to New Year

Went to Marina Square again, had lunch at Bao Today, the stewed pork rice and century egg porridge not bad, but the curry chicken still the best for main dish. Pork ball soup also not bad, have prawn. Spring roll also ok. Today went to buy some clothes for baby, also covered the entire mall I guess. Wanted to go outside walk but rain, now almost everyday raining, very difficult to go outdoors.

Bought 10,000 Shares of ComfortDelGro @ $2.47

Today the share price suddenly tanked, don't know why but seems like a good opportunity so I bought some. I'm their supporter because I only book Comfort taxi, with a dedicated customer like me, how can the share price drop lol, if tomorrow go up I sell for some shopping money.

DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Account - Buy and Sell Within T+3

On 27 Dec 2016 I bought 10,000 shares of StarHub, and then sold on 28 Dec 2016, on 29 Dec 2016 morning I got the money back in my account and I can trade again. Good thing is if sell within T+3, still can get the 0.18% discount instead of the usual 0.28%.

Sold 10,000 Shares of StarHub @ $2.82

Yesterday bought at $2.72, today sold at $2.82, made a small profit of $268 after charges, not bad. But the money haven't come back yet, seems like even if sell within T+3 also have to wait, tomorrow see whether money credit back to me.

Bought 10,000 Shares of StarHub @ $2.78

Don't understand why the price so low lol, seems like a good chance to buy in with the high yield. I think people scared when new telco come in existing telcos will lose a lot of their market share, but I think won't make much difference, with increasing population the incoming telco is actually helping to share the load, I don't really see it as a problem.

Merry Christmas!

Today wanted to bring wife and baby to see night lights at Gardens by the Bay but ended up raining until 7+ so never go, from Marina Square walked until MBS, then walked back to Marina Square. The MBS so damn crowded, so many foreign workers, today holiday everyone come out to walk. Also walked to the Merlion, also damn packed, I think 99% foreign workers or tourists, wah piang eh, I'm probably the only Singaporean there lol. Anyway lunch we ate at Bao Today at Marina Square, dinner also ate there, shows that the food really good except the bao, the dim sum is good, most power is the curry chicken. Just joking, actually dinner wanted to try Pu Tien or Dian Xiao Er but the queue too long, day time literally no people evening time suddenly so packed, really crazy extreme.

Went to Marina Square Again!

Today went to try Bao Today at Marina Square, the food was awesome, the chicken curry was incredible, very thick gravy, goes very well with the rice, if have bread even better. After that walked to Suntec, long time never go, last time I worked there for a while, plenty of food choices for lunch.

Comfort Taxi Promo REDNOSE -$6

From 23 Dec to 26 Dec they have promotion, code is REDNOSE, one redemption per mobile number per day, first 20,000 only. So just now I saved $6 from my taxi ride home, total bill including booking was $17.80, only paid $11.80.

Went to Marina Square

I think this must be the best shopping mall in Singapore, no crowd, good variety, easily accessible, no queue at taxi stand, seats for when you are tired, toilets easily available, after that can even go tour the beautiful marina area. Had lunch at Sakae, they changed menu, some favourite items are missing from the new menu such as takoyaki. The rice today is hard, so instead of sushi we ordered other stuff. Now the beans become pink plate, last time is just normal coloured plate, increase price. The restaurant so quiet, from my view just 2-3 tables seated, like that how to survive. But at least the karaage chicken is good, the salmon skin also good. After that we went to Emporium Shokuhin, it's a Japanese supermarket but the key feature is the live seafood, damn power, if you want to buy fresh oyster or even alaskan king crab, this is the place to go. They also have crabs, huge crabs.

Seen Baby Cardio Today

Baby has now fully recovered from her operation, now very active, can walk can run, getting naughtier, have to discipline if not later become siao gin na haha. Anyway today see doctor nothing much, never do echo, last echo results was great so doctor didn't think we need to do again so soon, so she scheduled to see us in another 3 months. How time flies, so fast operation over and recovered, looking actually nothing to worry about. Oh today won toto $10 again, won so many $10 when can win the big prize, my $1m dream haha.

Had a Great Night's Sleep Yesterday

Been such a long time since I've had such a sound sleep, slept all the way, no disruption, feel so energized right now. Surprising it's thanks to the aircon, so clean, so cool, so comfortable, I think every year must overhaul once to maintain this kind of comfort. Looking forward to tonight's sleep, weekend never work so can sleep longer. By the way tomorrow going for RT, still have 15 sessions to go, sian, but next year I'm going MR, so it's the last one, finally, after so many years of torment.

Comfort Taxi Promotion -$5

Just now noticed that they updated their app, have a new promotion button at top right that looks like a bell, I clicked on it and saw this promotion, so I tried and got $5 off my ride. Ends tomorrow.

Baby Finally Spoke Her First Meaningful Word, Star

I was reading out words from a colouring book to her and I pointed to a picture of a star and said it out loud, surprisingly she repeated it, I thought it was just one of her random babbling so I tried again, and she managed to repeat it again. So today I flipped through that same book, when we reached the picture of that star, she recognized it and said "star", and went on and on. Earlier on I thought she was having trouble with speech, good thing she finally got to talking, I think eventually she will be able to read out more words. Today she said "moo moo" when she saw a picture of a cow, I think my wife taught her that. She also said "nana", actually she meant "banana", probably also taught by wife. I think can focus on those words with one sound, or substitute with something easier, for example cow with moo moo, I guess babies find it easier to read out.

Air-con Damn Cold

After having my air-con serviced earlier on this week, now the room temperature can even drop below what is set on the remote control, I set to 25 can drop until 24, maybe because these few days keep raining at night made it even cooler. Chemical overhaul really power, worth every dollar, 0% regret 100% satisfied. But a bit regret on the normal cleaning on my living room unit, not that they didn't do a good job, I realized that no matter how well they do it, what they are doing is just cleaning the exterior, I don't think their vacuum cleaner can suck out the dirt from deep inside, so I thought might as well don't clean it at all and just wait for it to get smelly and then do a chemical overhaul.

Had My Air-con Serviced Today

After buying my air-con for about 2.5 years , this is the first time I called for servicing, must have accumulated a thick layer of crap deep inside so it was kind of smelly whenever I turned on the air-con. DIY cleaning is very limited, at most I only know how to take out the filter, if ask me to dismantle the unit I might not know how to assemble it, without damaging anything, so I thought better to leave it to the professionals. Actually I should have called for servicing sooner, I was skeptical about these air-con cleaning companies, not sure which one is good, all thanks to that Gain City, their air-con servicing totally cannot make it, disgrace the industry and make consumer lose confidence, never ever buy air-con from them or even use their air-con services. My air-con is Mitsubishi Electric System 2, so I booked a normal servicing for the one in my living room since we rarely use it and chemical overhaul for the one in my bedroom, total price including GST is $208.65. I boo

$3 Economical Rice at Bukit Merah

Old estates have many great food at cheap price, this plate of rice only $3, 1 meat, 1 veggie and 2 eggs, power!

20 Minutes for McDonald's Caramel Frappe

No wonder I don't see anyone ordering it, it's my first time, I guess that is the standard. They took 5 minutes to top-up the machine with ice, 10 minutes to not figure out how to use the machine, another 5 minutes to finally get the machine working. I got fed up and asked the staff to give me a large coke instead, just want to get out of there. Turns out the frappe is really good but 20 minutes? No thanks, never again.