25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Today wanted to bring wife and baby to see night lights at Gardens by the Bay but ended up raining until 7+ so never go, from Marina Square walked until MBS, then walked back to Marina Square. The MBS so damn crowded, so many foreign workers, today holiday everyone come out to walk.

Also walked to the Merlion, also damn packed, I think 99% foreign workers or tourists, wah piang eh, I'm probably the only Singaporean there lol.

Anyway lunch we ate at Bao Today at Marina Square, dinner also ate there, shows that the food really good except the bao, the dim sum is good, most power is the curry chicken. Just joking, actually dinner wanted to try Pu Tien or Dian Xiao Er but the queue too long, day time literally no people evening time suddenly so packed, really crazy extreme.

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