17 December 2016

Went to Marina Square

I think this must be the best shopping mall in Singapore, no crowd, good variety, easily accessible, no queue at taxi stand, seats for when you are tired, toilets easily available, after that can even go tour the beautiful marina area.

Had lunch at Sakae, they changed menu, some favourite items are missing from the new menu such as takoyaki. The rice today is hard, so instead of sushi we ordered other stuff. Now the beans become pink plate, last time is just normal coloured plate, increase price.

The restaurant so quiet, from my view just 2-3 tables seated, like that how to survive. But at least the karaage chicken is good, the salmon skin also good.

After that we went to Emporium Shokuhin, it's a Japanese supermarket but the key feature is the live seafood, damn power, if you want to buy fresh oyster or even alaskan king crab, this is the place to go. They also have crabs, huge crabs.

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