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Went to Big Box

This is a damn huge mall, ultra spacious, not crowded, not sure whether it is the same during normal days but today a bit quiet. They also have a hyper-market, the prices seems lower than Fairprice or Sheng Siong, some of their brands I never see before, I think all Malaysia products. Spacious lift, spacious toilet, clean toilet, love this place, definitely in my to-go list ;)

Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

It's the time of the year where most stores are closed. Yesterday eve went to Marina Bay to see the River Hongbao event, very beautiful, many lights and display, lots of people and many food and games to play, perfect for family. And I thought eve no place to eat, actually plenty of places to eat, don't even need to book, unless you want those typical Chinese restaurant then have to book, for example MBS the Todai not much people, the no signboard restaurant just behind esplanade also quiet but at night very packed, damn, wasted my eve meal at Sakae Sushit at Marina Square, now the quality drop a lot, or maybe just the Marina Square branch, the Hana Maki also shrunk until very miserable, I think they cutting cost. So today first day of CNY, we went to Sheng Siong to buy some steamboat stuff for tonight's dinner. We never go visit friends or relatives, sounds like very anti-social lol, go around visit also sian la, have to travel, might as well slack and relax at home

Feeling Very Unmotivated at Work and Thinking of Quitting

After one week plus of reservist, when I went back to work, I feel so unmotivated, every little thing seems to trigger my urge to throw letter, but every time many things are holding me back, first thing that comes to my mind is my family, my cute little baby girl, my wife, what will happen if I throw letter, or what if I can't find a job, or what will my boss think of me after he placed so much trust in me and etc, it's like my mind is hosting a race of its own, with endless cars speeding round and round, makes me feel so giddy. Maybe my recent in-camp training was too long of a holiday, I feel like just lying on bed all day and do nothing, or bring wife and baby and get the hell out of this country, the thought of going to work, doing the same shit that never seem to improve, see the same idiots who never fail to make me hate my job more, the miserably small table which is already so freaking small but I still have to squeeze in more crap, the freaking miserable room which

Last Day of ICT

So today marks the end of my last ICT, went to Safra for cohesion, see movie, eat, play games, drink, probably not going to see my platoon mates for a long time, or probably never, after marriage I never go out with them, now have baby chances even lower. Tomorrow start work, after this week CNY, this Friday I think half-day, so this week only work 3.5 days, shiok. Today taxi fare to is $31.10, back is $18.90, total $50 just nice. MR Loh!

MR Loh! Bye Bye SAF

Today finally received my MR letter, the Swiss watch, the 10 year medal and some pins. My platoon mate who haven't MR asked me how I feel, I told him feeling same like getting pink IC, never get keep yearning for it, but when get it don't feel anything. Looking back so much time has passed, now I'm 34 years old already, look back feels like time fly very fast, but when you are in the midst of it, time is crawling. No more field training, sai kang, route march, recall manning, IPPT or whatever other unimaginable nonsense. But I still haven't clear my IPPT, still liable but don't care already, since it's my first time default, at most they give me warning. Now open beer celebrate ;) Today taxi fare to is $22.90, back is $17.85, total $40.75.

Tomorrow MR Ceremony

Today my commanders read out the MR list, called my name, sibei happy, after 13 years I finally going to MR. If never defer that one time last year I would have MR but good thing this ICT relax, no field training. Tomorrow ceremony they say have to rehearse, actually I don't need the ceremony or watch, just give me the letter stating that I have MR, no need to be so troublesome. Finally, feeling good, MR lor! Today taxi fare to is $17.40, back is $22.50, total $39.90.

Taxi Fare for Today ICT

I think the most siong part of this ICT is over, today we went for range in the morning, shoot finish afternoon go back camp return arms and book. So today taxi to is $24.95, back is $17.60, total $42.55.

Today Went for Educational Tour

Today nothing much, morning we went for IPPT but I never take, for me kind of pointless since no award, I had pectoral strain so excused from push-ups permanently, so I told my IC my leg pain. After that we went for an educational tour, it's about the Malay regiment who bravely defended Singapore during WWII, I think the tour is more focused on this soldier named Adnan Saidi,  he fought to his last breath, very inspiring. But actually in my mind I just want to quickly book out, can't really enjoy anything during ICT, being forced to go and wanting to go is very different. 4 more days to go. Today cab fare to is $22.40, back is $17, total $39.40, still below budget.

Today Went Back for Last ICT

This is my 7th high-key, have plenty of low-keys so this time 99% is my last time going back. You might ask why the 1% doubt, because today my platoon mates came up with all sorts of jokes, some said they received a letter 3 months ago telling them about the award for completing the ORNS cycle, and that the money had been credited into their CPF account. I didn't receive such a letter, but I don't think they did, because they don't call it a completion award and then give it to you first before you complete it. Another is some said they already got their watch, this one similarly not possible since we haven't complete our last in-camp, why would they give the watch first. But in army no joke can bored to death, this in-camp same as the last one, nothing much probably because most of us going to MR and going to be CNY soon, maybe they don't want to risk any injury before CNY. So basically it's a high-key but a very relax one, I thought there would be field trai

Bought 20,000 Shares of SingPost @ $1.49

Seems like a good price so I bought, wonder why the share price so low now.

Bring Baby for Chicken Pox Vaccination

The polyclinic charge $77 per dose, at first I thought my daughter only need one dose, end up the nurse told me she need two doses, the second one to be given 3 months later. The Health Promotion Board website say need only one dose, why so different lol, so HPB is right or the polyclinic is right. If don't need of course just one dose will do, why pay another $77 for nothing. I emailed HPB see what they say. Anyway chicken pox vaccine is optional, but I think should just jab la, even though it is just to lessen the effect. Last time when I had chicken pox I remember one whole week stuck at home, whole body damn itchy, my mother put one basin of hot water under my bed when I sleep, it was a bad experience.

This Month Utilities Bill $13.17

This month government give $65 rebate, shiok!

Walked One Round at Marina Bay

Today we went to Marina Square, had lunch at Han's, the self-service system is awesome, super easy to use, and no service charge, but food is so-so. After that we walked one big round Marina Bay, the view is really beautiful, I think Marina Bay must be one of the most beautiful places in Singapore, if you ever come visit, you must come tour Marina Bay. As a Singaporean I feel really proud that we have such a nice place. See my grasshopper friend again! This soda super power.

Sold 10,000 Shares of ComfortDelGro @ $2.50

Made a small profit of about $183, not bad, today take MC stay at home also can make money lol. Today STI looks very weird, see the index it is up by more than 10 points, but most blue chips in my watch list are red, who knows tomorrow STI tank. By the way if sell using DBS Vickers Cash Upfront within T+3, the money will show up immediately under Buying Power, which means right after you sell you can start to buy no need to wait next day.

Noisy Neighbour (Again!)

After the last time I emailed to HDB and spoken to that neighbour , things have improved, at least they don't play with the stupid wooden ball anymore, I still hear it once or twice in a long time but it doesn't bother anyone since it is not frequent. Their air-con with plane engine is no longer an issue since they rarely turn it on, even if they do it also doesn't bother us since we have already gotten used to it but I think it has broken down that's why they don't use it anymore, hooray! But in recent months, every few days between 12am to 3am+, there will be kids running in and out of their bedroom, jumping, stomping, dragging and dropping objects, and then sudden loud thuds, sounded like dumb bell dropping on the floor. And the kids will laugh and scream loudly. On the good days they start at 12am and ended at 1am+, or 2am until 3am+, or for a short while at 3am, fine we can tolerate, but yesterday was the ultimate, they partied from 12am to 3am+, wah pia

Henry's Chicken Rice, Yum Yum!

Henry's chicken rice really power, no matter eat how many times, every time is always so satisfying, in Singapore we call it "shiok". The chilli really super power, I like to pour it over my chicken rice, dipping is a waste of time, pour and eat like a man more shiok lol.

Went to VivoCity

Today super packed since noon, plus the rain even more packed, wanted to go explore Sentosa but started raining. Anyway today tried the cakes at Secret Recipe, not bad, the banana milkshake is good. Dinner ate at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan, tried the mini Pen Cai, damn power, $43.80 before charges, totally worth it, have mini abalones, chicken, pork, fish maw, mushrooms, yam, radish, broccoli, prawns, scallops, and the sauce super power.

Welcome to 2017!

Another year gone in the blink of an eye, I wish this new year will be a great year for everyone! Most important is everyone stay healthy because health is one of the many things money can't buy. This new year I hope wife can go for her heart operation, baby's operation already settled and she has recovered well. I also hope this new year my increment and bonus will be good, also hope that I can supplement my income with stocks trading. This year my strategy is different, no more REITs and dividends, last year focused on dividends and didn't earn much, good thing is never lose money. Also hope that parents also stay healthy, but actually also don't need to worry thanks to Medishield Life, this is one of the best things the government have done.