11 January 2017

Bring Baby for Chicken Pox Vaccination

The polyclinic charge $77 per dose, at first I thought my daughter only need one dose, end up the nurse told me she need two doses, the second one to be given 3 months later.

The Health Promotion Board website say need only one dose, why so different lol, so HPB is right or the polyclinic is right. If don't need of course just one dose will do, why pay another $77 for nothing. I emailed HPB see what they say.

Anyway chicken pox vaccine is optional, but I think should just jab la, even though it is just to lessen the effect. Last time when I had chicken pox I remember one whole week stuck at home, whole body damn itchy, my mother put one basin of hot water under my bed when I sleep, it was a bad experience.

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