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Thinking of Moving to Thailand

Link to Royal Thai Embassy Singapore. So I checked out their Non-Immigrant Visa-O (Thai Spouse), have two doubts so I emailed them and got a reply. 4. A Letter from the Applicant’s Thai spouse This is a letter from the Thai spouse to the embassy to request for my visa to stay with her in Thailand. Still not quite sure what the content should be, I guess something like writing to the embassy and requesting permission for me to stay with her. 5. Bank statement (At least 400,000 Baht) The staff said the bank statement can be from my Singapore bank account equivalent to 400,000 Thai Baht, that's about 16,140 Singapore dollars. I also asked whether I can work in Thailand with the visa, the staff say cannot, hmm, like that how to make money to survive, seems kind of strange.

Wife Handicraft

All done with the $2 knitting wool from Daiso. If you are interested, can get her to do something for you. That day she created a bag for baby, when I find it I will a photo.

Richie's Crispy Puff

Always the same standard, never disappoints, this is what I call great food ;)

So Many Days Never Blog

Recently so busy with work, with course, with family, with playing games, at least playing games helps to take the stress away, playing with baby too. But I think best is still to go out with family, go for stroll the best, enjoy the scenery, the cool breeze, beautiful Singapore. Now baby big, can run, very curious everything also want to touch, now can say 123 ABC, also say quite a few words, cow, nana (banana), cat, no and several other words, learning fast I guess. By the way wife and baby going back to Thailand this coming Songkran, I wanted to go but now I'm trying to avoid taking leave, last year bonus very bad, this year I want to improve, part of my organization KPI is actually to maintain productivity, they measure this by looking at how many days I'm away, MC, annual leave, childcare leave, I guess even NS leave, can say not fair but well, that is the harsh reality.

Tried Wee Nam Kee @ Marina Square

After I learned about the branch at Marina Square last week , I made it a to-do thing this week, must go and try and so today I brought wife and baby there. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment, don't understand how come so different from when I tried at their Upper Thomson branch, I thought since they carry the same name, then standard should be not much different. The chicken at the upper thomson branch was crisp, fragrant, rice was cooked just right and fragrant, chilli and especially the ginger garlic mix was superb. But this marina square branch, everything falls short; chicken was cold, kind of tough, lack that fragrance of a fried chicken, chilli was not bad but the ginger garlic mix seems to lack something. The rice also lack something, don't have that nice chicken rice fragrance. By the way it was several years ago that I tried the upper thomson branch, not sure if it is still there. By the way I didn't take a photo of the veggies that I ordered, for a

Marlboro Menthol Comes with Seal

Today bought a pack of Marlboro Menthol, very long time never smoke this, now one pack $13.10, really expensive, long long ago got sell the 10 sticks pack, I think one pack only $2+. Now they have this seal, I think it is to keep it fresh, prevent it from "lao hong".

Wee Nam Kee @ Marina Square

Today we went up to the food court at level 3 and I found that Wee Nam Kee has a branch there, want to try but already eaten. I think their roasted chicken is the best, very fragrant.

Myojo Instant Noodles with Shrimp Dumplings, Thin Sliced Pork and Egg

Home-cooked instant noodles is the best!