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Homemade Fried Carrot Cake

Buy the carrot cake from Sheng Siong, put lots of eggs, the chilli wife made, power.

Henry's Chicken Rice and Fried Carrot Cake

Today ate the Henry's Chicken Rice and the fried carrot cake, power!

SingPost Crashing into Abyss

I bought at $1.49 , now $1.32, due to the lower profit ending 31 Dec 2016. The dividend also shit, only $0.005 but at least they know to adjust since they are not making as much money. But I think it's good that they try hard to expand outside of Singapore, might be difficult at first but once they stabilise, it will be good for the group in the long-term. Singapore market too small la, if just rely on the income here can die.

Char Siew Wantan Mee

Look very nice but taste so-so, I still find the kolo mee much tastier.

Baby Girl Enjoying Her Biscuits

Growing so fast haha.

Indomie and Drumlets!

Simple food great pleasure ;)

Instant Food Dinner!

Loh Mai Kai and CP Chicken Wings!

Baby Follow-Up at NUH

Today went to see her doctor, never do echo, only physical examination, doctor say she look very well, baby is indeed doing really well, can walk, can run, can climb, can talk and etc, developing normally like any other kids. Then out of the blue doctor mentioned a small leakage, came as a surprise, we thought the operation went very well, so how come still have leakage, but today never do echo so don't really know much, I think she found it in last echo results, so she scheduled to see baby in September. I think no need to worry so much, I did some search online and some people say it is quite common to have tiny leakage after surgery, some will close by itself but who knows, last time we also thought her ASD may close by itself, in the end never close. What's most important is that she is doing well now.

Thai Boat Noodles at NUH

One bowl $7, I find it so-so, here I think got to go golden mile then can find authentic boat noodles.

Home-Made Nasi Lemak

Wife make, the chilli really power, simple just egg, ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber.

Sarawak Kolo Noodle Very Nice

Found another favourite food, this noodle doesn't look like much at first glance but the taste is surprisingly pleasing, very suitable for local palate. The noodle is very special, I find it nice and chewy.

McDonald's Buy Online Vs. Outlet Price Different

See the McChicken I buy at the outlet one only $2, if buy online one for $3.95, almost twice the amount. The Filet O Fish also same, at outlet $2.50, online $4.60, actually seems like everything has been marked up for McDelivery. I was always wondering how the delivery guys earn, one trip only $4, but the marked up price I wonder how much goes to them.

Went to Big Box Again

They have quite a selection of curious products, see the spaghetti in a jar. I like this mall because it is very spacious and no crowd.

Pork Rib Noodle @ Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre

The pork rib noodle is superb, the meat and tendon is so soft that it almost melts in my mouth. One plate only $3.50, better than any restaurant food I have ever eaten. The shrimp dumplings also power, one bowl for $3, soup also very satisfying. Want to eat cheap and good food go to food centre the best. By the way this stall the signboard is blue, very easy to spot, just beside the chicken rice stall, not the Henry's chicken rice, the other chicken rice.

Singapore to Raise Legal Smoking Age from 18 to 21

Source Although they are still in the proposal phase but I think 99% will go through, so in future to buy, possess or smoke you need to be 21 years old. I guess it will be helpful to prevent most youths from picking up the habit but it will definitely be a pain for youths who are already smokers. As a smoker I think it's probably better, if possible I also don't want to smoke but it has become a hobby for me, so if you ask me to give up my hobby, it's as good as asking someone who is interested in photography to give up photography if you get what I mean. I've been smoking since I was 13, until now about 21 years. In between I have tried a few times to quit, longest period I stayed away was about 2 months, but every time come back because of peer influence or just plain old habit. I mean if your friends are smokers, eventually you will pick it up. I think if the government really want to stop people from smoking they might as well just stop the sale of tobacco,

Saudis Really Too Much Money

Source See the picture, how did they even have such a huge container for their food, that much food I think can feed a thousand people or more. Well they have money, but I think even have money also should not spend like that, why not just prepare only what they can eat, I'm sure they are not able to finish that much rice, imagine at the end of the day all throw away. I wonder other than oil what do Saudis have, maybe a lot of sand, so what if one day they run out of oil, if that day come they really jia lat, they so used to living in extravagance, the generations now enjoy their natural resources, future generations can only pick the bones.

Wife Handmade Cushion Cover

I think it is very durable, this kind of knitted stuff very long lasting and very strong, way better those mass produced ones.

Today Not So Bad at Work

This morning when I woke up, the thought of going to work made me felt a bit moody, but I did my stuff and just went on to work, thinking today is going to be a shit day since I've been away for two weeks, sure have tons of shit waiting for me to clear. Surprisingly, not super busy today, managed to clear my emails and keep up to the outstanding stuff, somehow the course made me look at things differently, that really helped to take away the stress and I was able to work on improving colleague relationship and focus on the task at hand. I think previously I was stressed because I was too focused, as in too stuck in the midst of the work, I find that if I step back and look at things from a bigger picture, somehow it helped to force me to think differently, look at things differently. For example one of my colleagues is "less meticulous" if I put it in a less negative way, if I put it bluntly, I would he is clumsy and forgetful, it makes a difference, if I put it less

What a Busy Week

My boss arrowed me to a two weeks course, it's a full day course, reminds me of my school days but feels more siong because have to attend classes, after class have to do survey, do quiz, do assignment, prepare presentation and have to submit on this Friday, lol sibei siong. Today is the last day of the course, tomorrow go back sure have a lot of shit piled up, but good thing tomorrow is Thursday so just need to survive two more days before weekend.

Wow, Baby Playing with My Keyboard!

So adorable ;) Now can say more words, can recognize some colours, numbers, can even sing a bit of rain rain go away, kids really learn fast.

Bao Today Curry Again Haha

Madly love this curry ;) Goes super well with white rice.