09 March 2017

Today Not So Bad at Work

This morning when I woke up, the thought of going to work made me felt a bit moody, but I did my stuff and just went on to work, thinking today is going to be a shit day since I've been away for two weeks, sure have tons of shit waiting for me to clear.

Surprisingly, not super busy today, managed to clear my emails and keep up to the outstanding stuff, somehow the course made me look at things differently, that really helped to take away the stress and I was able to work on improving colleague relationship and focus on the task at hand.

I think previously I was stressed because I was too focused, as in too stuck in the midst of the work, I find that if I step back and look at things from a bigger picture, somehow it helped to force me to think differently, look at things differently. For example one of my colleagues is "less meticulous" if I put it in a less negative way, if I put it bluntly, I would he is clumsy and forgetful, it makes a difference, if I put it less negative, I don't think negatively, if I put it negatively, I seem to lean towards thinking negatively.

I guess no need to be too serious all the time, just take it easy will do.

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