04 April 2017

What Happened to Our Economical Rice?

I noticed a trend, nowadays most economical rice stalls like to mix some minced pork with veggies and then sell at meat price, for example fried egg they put minced pork, or fried long beans they also add some minced pork, then they sell at $2 or $2.50, like that also can. If veggies then really just veggies, they don't even add any dried shrimp for taste, just super plain.

So if you never see carefully like some elderly people, one plate of chap chai peng can cost you $6-$7! I saw quite a few times, ah peh or ah ma got into argument with the stall helpers. I feel a bit not right, well they are not scamming, they laid all the dishes out for people to see, you really have to see properly before you order, so far I see carefully and order is fine, $3-$3.50.

One of the most lame dish is steamed egg with pork, it's just eggs and minced pork, they sell $2-$2.50 for one small scoup, really bastard.

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