23 May 2017

Skip Work Two Days

Yesterday took leave, today take again, thought of going to work really sibei sian. My wife gave me a disapproving look lol, anyway so fed up with the work and the people there, feel like quitting now.

But next month getting bonus, so get first then see how, maybe want to look for a new job, this current job really draining my life force.

Maybe go work at McDonald's, can eat their food everyday so no need to pay for food. Now I see their salary not bad, long long ago one hour only $3.50 now have $5+.

Or maybe go work at MBS, dress suit so smart looking.

I'm looking for a job with great culture, lower salary is fine, higher pay not happy also useless, unless one month $10-$20k not happy I also don't mind.


Dave said...

Take care bro, its like this.
Be on the lookout for other opportunities bah.
Myself, i am currently at a govt agency but its a contract position on yearly basis. So the stability is not there. On a lookout for other available posts too but getting on age, now 39 already and expecting my baby boy in Sept so have to 'tong' regardless.
Stay strong man.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks man for sharing your situation, seems like mine is not so bad after all since my job is a perm position, but this job is killing me slowly, sounds crazy but sometimes I even have suicidal thoughts, when reach this stage, all warning signals say I must get out of there. Good thing have wife and baby, when I think of them somehow they give me strength.

Dave said...

Glad that family is your pillar of support bro.
Hang in there and in the mean time, just be on lookout for opportunities.
Definitely be available for someone of your experience.
Stay strong man.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks, really appreciate it.