Indian Food Seller Seems more Generous

One packet of curry chicken briyani rice is $5.50, may seem more expensive but the piece of chicken is actually quite big, like 1/4 of a chicken, the briyani rice also large serving, one person can eat two times. $5.50 divided by 2 is $2.75.

Compared to chinese economical rice, one packet can range from $3.50 to $5 or $6 if you choose fish. Let's say $5.50 same as indian food, choose fish and two veggies, the fish miserably small piece, veggies also miserably little, rice also quite little, eat one time also not enough. Some bastard stalls add rice still charge $0.20. Totally not economical at all.

But of course if go to old estate hawker centres, the old school chinese economical rice the best, choose fish max is $4, some more the fish is a whole fish, don't choose fish $2.50 also have. Food court really too profit-oriented, or rent too high, pass the cost to consumers, never mind, serving so miserable, might as well just eat indian food.


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