16 July 2017

Bought New Mattress at IKEA

My lower left back keeps hurting, think it is from the cheap ti lam, now I never kena the super jia lat back pain but always have this pain at left area all the time. The last major back pain was in Feb 2016, ti lam works to solve the major back pain but cause long-lasting pain, sigh. Or maybe the ti lam too cheap, too soft, can actually feel my backbone touching the floor.

So since I got my bonus, instead of spending it on a laptop which I don't really need, might as well get a proper mattress, ended up deciding to check out IKEA since it is near my home.

Before going I did some research on mattress, seems like latex is the best but it is more expensive. Note that there are different types of latex, natural is the best and most expensive. There are also synthetic and blended latex, I think these could be cheaper options. But online some people say synthetic can get very warm.

There's also foam or spring mattresses, spring confirm out, reason is because kids like to jump and eventually it will spoil which was what happened to mine, so I rather take foam.

So IKEA don't sell full natural latex mattress, but even if they sell I guess one queen size would be around $2-$3k+.

End up I bought a 150x200x14cm (width, length, height, queen size) Malvik firm foam mattress for $299 and a 150x200x7cm Tromsdalen mattress padding for $599.

And today then I know the concept of putting a mattress padding on top of a mattress, previously thought it was kind of stupid, now then I realize actually it has some uses such as add extra padding, another use is can mix and match, that's why I choose a firm foam mattress, then on top I put a good quality padding, great strategy right haha.

Reason why the mattress padding is so expensive is because inside there is natural latex, of the 7cm, 4cm is latex, and of the latex, 85% is natural, 15% is synthetic, so actually it is a blended type of latex. So you can imagine if pure latex one bed can be super expensive, too luxurious for me.

I get IKEA to send, delivery charge $35, tomorrow send, tomorrow can finally sleep on a proper bed.


Anonymous said...

actually you should get orthopedic mattress for back problems
padding usually serves just to protect expensive mattress

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow didn't know there is orthopedic mattress, but I read online seems like those chiropractors recommend natural latex mattress, not sure if it is also called orthopedic mattress. But full latex really expensive, SG sell 2k-3k+ for a queen size!