23 July 2017

Just Another Weekend

Went shopping with wife and baby, found this store at Anchorpoint where they sell baby products. They have this high-definition TV with blu-ray quality cartoon, really great idea, can keep the kids occupied while we do our shopping.

Kids when they get around age 2+, start to get restless, everything must touch, everywhere must explore, so inquisitive, sometimes can keep crying and throwing tantrum if they get fixated on something, such as a toy, a ride or a cute looking chocolate, especially that damn kinder bueno egg.

Wonder how was I behaving when I was her age..

Anyway bought some BBQ ribs and huge dogs at cold storage, quite nice, not the best but ok for the price.


Sim said...

Bro, your that "damn kinder bueno egg" got my laughing non-stop. I totally can relate to this as my daughter treat it as her precious!
Ur baby girl looks good/cute!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha, they should really put it out of reach for kids, stupid egg.