25 August 2017

Somebody Told Me No Smoking Within 5 Metres of Bus Stop

Na beh after work want to relax enjoy a smoke also difficult, was smoking near the bus stop, this guy told me no smoking within 5 metres of bus stop, I count from the shelter is definitely more than 5 metres, then he pointed to the bus stop pole just in front of me, kan nin na, like that also can, I also not sure actually count from where, just keep quiet and moved elsewhere to smoke as I don't want to argue.

I thinking all this kind of no smoking rules really retarded, if really don't want people to smoke, why not just ban sales of tobacco, problem solved? No, government on one hand want to earn big bucks, the other hand want to come up with this kind of stupid rules to entertain the non-smokers. One pack you imagine they tax how much, cost price say $3 per pack, they tax probably $9, they earn $9 per pack, where to find such good deal.

If they ban, I don't smoke, simple.

And the non-smokers some also one kind, they think the smoke from tobacco is bad, imagine they stand at the bus stop breath in the toxic air from bus, that one is good? Go tell the bus driver don't drive within 5 metres, as if it will make any difference. Also which idiot invented this 5 metres nonsense, is there even any scientific backing that 5 metres will make any difference? Probably no, that idiot must have arbitrarily thought of it while he/she was taking a shit.

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