Today Met a Hungry Ghost

Wife wanted to eat Korean BBQ so we went to the Ssikkek at Chinatown. Today don't know why so packed but I guess mostly are foreigners, looked like tour groups and foreign students.

When I was trying to get some mashed potatoes, got this foreign woman, dressed quite formal, like a proper dress but kind of old fashioned type, like 1980s or 1990s kind of dress. She kept pushing me, as if the food will run away, I got fed up and turned around and told her to stop pushing. She just smiled, I don't even know if she understood me, or it's just perfectly normal to push people from where she came from, no apology, just a stupid smile, great.

I know which country she is from, can tell from her language, but I don't want to name it, no point. My opinion is that if foreigners want to come, no problem at all, always welcome, but don't bring along bad habits, you can push people over food in your own country I don't care but here in Singapore people don't do that, so nobody else should be doing that.

Anyway really ruin my mood, worked hard for the week, thought weekend can relax, go out see this kind of nonsense really sian. Stay in SG also very sian, the culture here really deteriorated a lot compared to last two decades, I mean if you go to kampong in my wife's hometown, you don't see this kind of rubbish behaviour, cut queue, push people, refuse to give way, rush into lift, people here are generally selfish and stupid is probably the best description.

Locals here may say oh it's the foreigners fault but that is absolutely not true, that's why I say there's no point naming the country, because even locals are selfish and stupid, this bad behaviour is on a national scale, it's not just any particular group of people.

If nothing is done, another 20 years SG will be full of barbarians.