01 September 2017

Kitchen So Ugly!

After 3 years+, things start to fall apart, see the wall so ugly, the water leaking, the cabinet door also broken. Now looking for someone to help me fix, went to IKEA end up they use external contractor to do these stuff, they only sell the products, install or dismantle they outsource, pricing also not cheap, dismantle 4-7 feet cabinet $250, longer more expensive. If you interested you can ask them for a price list, they have a list of how much they charge, they don't make it openly available, but can ask for a copy. Just ask for onsite measurement, or dismantle charge.

Anyway who got good company to recommend let me know, thanks. If can just fix the cabinet door and replace sink good enough, but if cannot repair have to change whole cabinet also can, just need to change bottom.

Actually I prefer those integrated type of sink, no need to worry about the silicone wear off and leak water. Behind also leaking, so those type behind raised up is better.

This one done by my father, cheap cheap only, the cabinet top and bottom, sink and the stove only $600, so can't complain, can last 3 years+ consider good already.

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