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Why Other Companies So Good

Recently I was working with one of my company's major competitor, it happened because an interface was required by the government agency from their system to my system.

So for competitors to work together, it's not really like in the movies or dramas where people fight it out, in reality it is very professional, very focused on what needs to be done, no blaming if something goes wrong, if there is a problem we just fix it, at least from what I have experienced so far.

And while talking to their project manager, I heard that they have a team lead, a business analyst and looking at the people with their company's domain name in the email loop, they have a bunch of developers or technical persons. As for me, I am the project manager, the business analyst, the tester, heck I even do the deployment, one-man show but I do have developers helping me translate design to code but bloody hell I have to do the design too.

I've been thinking about the multi-task multi-role nonsens…

Now My Lower Left Back Pain Gone

After sleeping on new bed for 3 months, the pain at my lower left back is now gone, sometimes will still ache a little but it is just ache not pain so it is a huge difference.

In future when I move new house, I'll be sure to invest in a really good bed, maybe import one from US, sounds expensive but actually it is cheaper than getting a full latex bed in Singapore, here one full latex bed I think at least $2500 depending on the size.

Speaking of new house, need another 1.5 years before I can buy, have to meet the minimum occupation period, sigh.

GovTech Too Many Jiak Liao Bee

Recently got into an argument with one govtech guy, this asshole simply don't know how to show any respect for people. Anyway he's not even the one I'm liaising with, he is in charge of another project just that there was an issue which involves his system and another interface system, and I happen to be doing some resend of data files which involves his system.

So this guy came and talk to me ask me what happen, why got error, I told him error was reported by the interface system which is under the charge of another person, so how about I check with that person since I'm not sure of their batch job logic, anyway told him I sent that person an email. Then he kept asking about the email, ask me got send or not, "really ah" that kind of rubbish questions, come on la motherfucker, what position am I, I'm not some stupid noob first day come to work, do I need to lie, then I got very offended and ask him want to see the email or not, kan nin na he say "if…

SMRT Maintenance Staff Cut Bonus Due to Train Fault?


How come cut staff bonus but never cut CEO and chairman bonus? So many train faults the top management still have the cheek to take bonus?

My company also another fuck up company, whole company cut cost but top management still get their fat bonus anyway, what the fuck? Top management one year bonus probably hundreds of thousand, those even higher probably millions, kan nin na.

Furthermore top management don't do the shit, it's the lower level workers doing all the shit, how come people who don't do the shit get much higher pay but people who do it get shit pay, no logic.

Interviewed A New Guy

Yesterday me, my boss and another project manager interviewed this guy from Philippines, he has been in SG for about 4 years, have 10+ years of software development experience.

He seems nervous, reminded me of my own interview experience, so I tried to be as nice as possible, I mean I went through this shit before so I don't want to make it difficult for others.

His resume is quite impressive, worked for a few big names, touched on many technologies, most of which we need, but he can't really talk well, maybe too nervous, but then we don't need a developer who is good at talking, most important is can deliver. I work with developers so I know who is good and who is not, usually those who don't talk much are the best, they just quietly focus on whatever you give them, and deliver on time, and if you are lucky, sometimes with good quality.

Another thing is he doesn't seem to know much about application architecture, when I asked him how many tiers he has worked with,…

Father Fixed My Kitchen Cabinet Door for $50

I told my father about the quote I got, he was shocked, he told me not to get other people to do it, end up he repaired my kitchen door for just $50, also comes with a free number lock (my house door number lock broken) and a couple cans of beer.

Following is the quote if you are curious, there are two parts, $650 is just to fix the kitchen cabinet door, $800 is to replace the table top. Bloody hell, $650 just for a cabinet door.

My father came at around 11am, finished around 2pm, 3 hours work 1 person do, actually I wanted to give him $200 but he don't want, only took $50.

Past Experience Don't Mean Anything

Today after talking to boss that I need one new guy with at least 5 years experience to help me, afterwards out of the blue he told me he can get me a new girl from another project, can start very soon, told me she worked at Infosys for 2 years, wow, Infosys is like a very big and well-known IT company in India, I thought she must be quite good, maybe can compromise a bit.

To my horror, the project manager for that girl happened to walk by, we caught a conversation with her, she told me the girl can't even write simple SQL such as select and update when she was standing beside her, can't even trace a screen to the code level, can only trace the screens that her colleague showed her before, basically anything that is more dynamic she can't do, can only do static stuff like monitor batch job, actually the truth is that the project manager don't want her, nin na beh no wonder so suddenly say found someone for me, my boss also really kan nin na, I immediately say I don'…

Boss Never Accept My Resignation

Last month submitted my resignation, he told me I'm joking, but I'm not, anyway told him too much work and no one helping me, one person how to do everything.

End up he say will raise urgent request to get a new guy, not much hope though, because that was what he said last time, think he trying to delay.

Spent My $100 NS50 Vouchers at Sheng Siong

All spent on everyday stuff, diapers, milk powder, groceries, detergent and etc. The vouchers really helpful if spent on the right stuff.

Also saw this new otah flavoured luncheon meat, bought one to try. One for $3.