21 October 2017

GovTech Too Many Jiak Liao Bee

Recently got into an argument with one govtech guy, this asshole simply don't know how to show any respect for people. Anyway he's not even the one I'm liaising with, he is in charge of another project just that there was an issue which involves his system and another interface system, and I happen to be doing some resend of data files which involves his system.

So this guy came and talk to me ask me what happen, why got error, I told him error was reported by the interface system which is under the charge of another person, so how about I check with that person since I'm not sure of their batch job logic, anyway told him I sent that person an email. Then he kept asking about the email, ask me got send or not, "really ah" that kind of rubbish questions, come on la motherfucker, what position am I, I'm not some stupid noob first day come to work, do I need to lie, then I got very offended and ask him want to see the email or not, kan nin na he say "if have" show him, wah then I really explode and yell at him, chee bye out to find trouble or what. I scolded him in front of everyone, deliberately want to embarrass him, kena fuck until he lost for words haha.

He lucky my boss stepped in to stop me, anyway after that he had the cheek to privately ask my boss to send apology letter say I hurt his feelings lol wtf? First day work in society? First time kena fuck? Kan nin na virgin or what. My boss also no backbone like a snake, really send him the apology email and cc me somemore, make me even more angry, kan nin na what the fuck right, I straight away tell my boss he is the one who apologize not me, and I want to resign, and he grabbed me to a room and told me not to decide in a rush, I told him actually I wanted to leave since long ago, in the end talk talk talk aiyah give him some face. But I told him I'm not going to give face to that fucker, if he piss me off again I won't hesitate to fuck him upside down.

Got balls come and talk to me la, why go talk to my boss hahaha.

Anyway govtech a lot of such people, they think they have the right to talk shit to vendors just because they manage vendors, but when vendors fight back their feelings get hurt, what kind of rubbish logic is that. Want to talk shit, then don't fucking bitch about it when people talk shit back, chinese saying "cannot afford to play then don't play".

I also super damn sick and tired of this shit job, now if anyone so much as blow wind in my face, I tell you I won't hesitate to return fire 100x, I'm at a stage where I simply don't give a shit, actually I hoped that fucker had the balls to complain past my boss, maybe complain to director or what, really want to get out of there, now stay only give my boss face, really feel like taking a super long break.


Anonymous said...

Bro, you are not along . My customer is also Govtech. They are just another useless freak who just follow process blindly. A lot of them do not have experiences working in MNC like where I came from. Unfortunately I join a local company so no choice have them be my customer. They should be working in Kopitiam instead. Typical empty vessel who made the most noise and this is evident when the are fronting projects. Screw up whole-sale then blame vendor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, just asterix the company's name. The crawlers might pick up your complaint. No point getting angry over assholes. Not worth it.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha glad I am not alone.