12 October 2017

Interviewed A New Guy

Yesterday me, my boss and another project manager interviewed this guy from Philippines, he has been in SG for about 4 years, have 10+ years of software development experience.

He seems nervous, reminded me of my own interview experience, so I tried to be as nice as possible, I mean I went through this shit before so I don't want to make it difficult for others.

His resume is quite impressive, worked for a few big names, touched on many technologies, most of which we need, but he can't really talk well, maybe too nervous, but then we don't need a developer who is good at talking, most important is can deliver. I work with developers so I know who is good and who is not, usually those who don't talk much are the best, they just quietly focus on whatever you give them, and deliver on time, and if you are lucky, sometimes with good quality.

Another thing is he doesn't seem to know much about application architecture, when I asked him how many tiers he has worked with, he doesn't seem to know what I was talking about, but well, actually a developer is mainly concerned with the application server and database so I guess it is ok, most of my developers also don't know much about web servers, they just work with a local application server and database.

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