07 November 2017

Genting Trip 09 Nov 2017 to 11 Nov 2017

I took one month leave from work, now finally can get away from all that shit, this week decided to go Genting, last time I went was in 2012, that time exchange rate was $1 to 2.385 ringgit, now is $1 to 3.05 ringgit, so much difference. That time I think I changed $700, now changed $300 have 915 ringgit.

Booked hotel online 09 Nov check-in, 11 Nov check-out, total 160 ringgit, about $52.

For bus bought at Golden Mile Sri Maju, 1 person $40 (bought 3 for $120, me, wife and baby). They have another option for $30 but this cheaper option will make a stop at Kuala Lumpur. I never bought return, just buy at Genting much cheaper.

So total $300 + $52 + $120 = $472

Oh by the way if you buy the bus ticket there no surcharge, if you buy online they will charge extra per person, so if buy for a lot of people it's better to just to there to buy.

So after Genting, I might go to Thailand, this time go somewhere else, don't go Bangkok.

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