04 December 2017

What a Strange Day

Just now went to market to buy lunch for wife and myself, reached there and walked towards the escalator, somebody on top spit and kena my right foot, very sticky shit, I quickly looked up but can't find that person, can't tell also because too many people walking on top. Went to toilet good thing have toilet paper to wipe.

After I bought the food, on my way home walking have one big cockroach speed towards me and climbed onto my right foot, I saw it but only when I put my foot down then so zhun climb onto my foot, the creepy crawly feeling really got to me and I one kick until my slipper fly away lol.

Then still on the way home, noticed the ground is wet, like one side wet another side not wet, I think it rained but not all areas wet? Weird because on my way to the market never rain, after I come back then notice ground wet.

Finally reached my block, then saw this big bee or wasp flying near me, black red black stripes, I quickly siam in case it sting me, one trip to the market kena so many weird things, don't want kena sting to be one of it lol.

Then on my way to the staircase, saw this pink paper floating down from above, don't know who throw.

What are the chances of so many strange things happening at the same time lol.

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