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This Whole Month Never Take Leave

I completed one whole month of work without taking any leave, even I myself also surprised, somehow now don't feel so sian about my job, I guess switching to a different role helps. Previously every month at least will take one day leave or MC because really don't feel like going to work at all. So for you guys who is now sick and tired of your job, can try asking your boss to put you in a different role, do something different then not so sian.

So now my job so far so good, get to meet different people, do different things, have more power over things, also get to teach people how to do things, feels so different, so dynamic, so confident. Actually now the things that I do is more challenging, but somehow feels good about it, I guess a person cannot stay stagnant, do the same shit everyday sure get sickening very fast, same like if you eat the same food everyday also sian.

Taking On Bigger Role at Work

Previously my boss designated me as the project manager for two projects, it's just designation so salary never increase, then sibei tiring, have to be the target board if problem arise, then have to prepare progress report, have to attend user meetings, have to deal with key users, really so tedious, then have to manage junior staff, wah piang really peng.

From the shitty experience I know project management is not my cup of tea, actually all okay except the people part, junior staff cannot make it management expect me to train, based on my experience I can tell you if someone cannot make it, no matter how you train also useless, teach a man how to fish and he can take care of himself, but if the man refuse to put in effort then you are just wasting your time. Then users completely unreasonable management expect me to bend over, company always advocate staff are asset all bullshit, the fact is staff are expendable not happy they can always hire another one but project cannot lose…

Pizza Hut Delivery is Awesome

Recently I have been ordering from Pizza Hut quite often thanks to the free pizza coupons that they gave when they were late, but I still have to say that their delivery service is excellent.

Their online ordering site is just simply industry standard, shopping cart style, just like KFC or McDonald's so nothing special here, choose your food, go to cart, checkout, pay online or cash-on-delivery.

What is truly amazing is when I receive the food from their awesome delivery guys, when they are late, they ALWAYS come with a free pizza coupon stapled on the receipt, no question asked, they must have known it will be late so they must have stapled it in advance, this is pro-activeness, they know they have a problem and they come with a solution, this is commendable. Either that or their delivery guys bring along a staple with them but I doubt so, even if this is the case, it is still commendable, this is readiness, and I appreciate it.

Then packaging, their packaging is awesome, even th…

Raining Non-Stop

Yesterday rain then afternoon turn to drizzle, then night rain again throughout, today also rain, now is 25 degrees, machiam air-con temperature, don't even need fan. Yesterday even more power, morning the temperature was 23 degrees.

Raining like this go out also sian, today only go Marina Square buy thermal flask, eat, buy toy for baby then come back, also ta pao the Bao Today curry chicken, today their service staff face so black, wonder what happened, the counter auntie even show me black face, work in service line not happy don't work, no need to vent frustration on customer.

Freezing Cold Weather

These few days keep raining, even now also raining, so cold until shivering, especially in the middle of the night rain really cold until cannot take it, imagine go to those snowing countries sure cannot survive.

Notice that weather seems to have gotten colder, last year wasn't so damn cold, the years before also, few days ago even rain until flooded. I think the earth is changing, hot become super hot, cold become super cold.

Bloated Stomach (Due to Indigestion?)

Saturday morning woke up with a bloated stomach, inner pain at left tummy, first time kena, pain until don't feel like doing anything, almost want to go to hospital. It lasted all the way till late night, cannot sleep, then wife gave me some antacid, it's some white colour liquid, after that feel so much better.

This morning woke up and a lot of gas was expelled or you can call it fart, a huge one and and I feel so much better.

I remember last thing I ate on Friday night was Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, I think it's too thick so might be the cause of indigestion.

While I was having the pain, realised that at that point even if I have a lot of money also useless, health is much more important.

Spent $110 on Toto, Win $20

Group 1 no winner, all go to group 2, 19 winners, each get $700k+.

I have 2 winning tickets, each win $10, total win $20, so I lost $90.

Notice one of the group 2 winning ticket is from the market behind my house, this winner bought system 12, $924, sibei power but totally worth it.

Singapore Pools Commonwealth Crescent Branch - Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-135 ( 1 QuickPick System 12 Entry )

Sigh, back to rat race lol.