07 January 2018

Bloated Stomach (Due to Indigestion?)

Saturday morning woke up with a bloated stomach, inner pain at left tummy, first time kena, pain until don't feel like doing anything, almost want to go to hospital. It lasted all the way till late night, cannot sleep, then wife gave me some antacid, it's some white colour liquid, after that feel so much better.

This morning woke up and a lot of gas was expelled or you can call it fart, a huge one and and I feel so much better.

I remember last thing I ate on Friday night was Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, I think it's too thick so might be the cause of indigestion.

While I was having the pain, realised that at that point even if I have a lot of money also useless, health is much more important.

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