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Watching Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Found this interesting anime on youtube, nice series, feels like old school RPG, remember the days when there was great 2D RPGs? Now all turn into some 3D nonsense with no depth.
If you have nothing better to do can watch here to burn off some time.

Nowadays Dental Treatment So Costly

Last weekend a piece of my tooth got chipped off, the last one from my top left, then become very sensitive, drink cold water will have stinging sensation.

Then today knocked off early so called Q&M because near my house, so happened they have slot so I went straight down without making appointment.

The dentist was a young girl, probably mid 20s, very friendly and provided very detailed explanation of my conditions, so detailed that she talked until she a bit breathless, she also went through the cost before commencing treatment, very professional, very upfront.

She recommended crowning for the chipped tooth, also told me it is due to grinding, I didn't know I grind my teeth at night, wife also never tell me, later ask my wife. Then she say can do x-ray today, put up a temp crown, then Thursday rush for the actual crown, she also suggested to get a teeth guard, so crowning around $1000 for some diamond don't know what material which looks similar to my teeth, and $250 for …

Kind of Boring at Home

Usually on weekends me, wife and baby will go shopping and eat, so now they are in Thailand I'm staying home alone, really boring until today went back to office early morning and worked until 3pm+ even though today is a Saturday.

Anyway next weekend me and parents will fly over to Bangkok, then get a flight to Udon Thani, think wife will find someone to fetch us to her home. Actually we can try staying in Udon, every time only pass by never explore, Udon is a huge place compared to tiny Singapore, so much to explore.

But actually Singapore also kind of boring, so small, nothing much to explore, mostly man-made structures or greenery, even places like Pulau Ubin they turned it into some sort of tourist attraction, all the nature don't feel so nature, you might think I'm nuts but really, if you have a chance to visit my wife's hometown you will see true nature, mountain, vast greenery, waterfall, wooden house, bus stop in the middle of nowhere, always something new unli…

100% of Donations go to Charity?

This morning when I went shopping for groceries, I was approached by this friendly young lad asking for my time to listen to him, as usual I was very skeptical when a stranger approach me, usually they are insurance agent, or property agent or just outright asking for money or cigarette.

I listened to him since I was smoking, so he had as much time as my stick of cigarette burn. He is representing this Special Olympics Asia Pacific to publicly solicit for donations, and the money will go to helping people with special needs, he also gave me a leaflet showing people with down syndrome taking part in sports.

And then finally he asked for donations in way of monthly contributions or one-off payment, I laughed because I totally expected it. Anyway I told him I don't have any confidence in donating because long ago I helped NKF source for donations end up they misuse funds, some more I collected from friends and colleagues so end it's like I'm scamming them. Ever since that tim…

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Stay Home Alone Order Foodpanda!

Today worked late so tired to buy or cook so order from foodpanda, pay by card, send to house, eat, throw, simple no hassle.

But one person order a bit too much food, eat until so full and have leftovers.

Hotel, Villa or Resort?

Just got news that my MIL and wife's two young cousins also want to return to Bangkok after our Udon trip, so I think two rooms will not be enough. So I'm looking at,, and airbnb, so many options, still have no idea what to book.

Airbnb looks kind of sucks, it's definitely got the cheapest options among all but most are apartments and looks boring, it's like going there and then stay in a house where the locals stay, kind of pointless. My mother stayed in one during a trip to Bangkok a few years back, she told me the apartment was filthy, I wasn't surprised because it's an apartment, they probably don't provide proper daily cleaning.

Anyway I'm leaning towards a proper hotel or resort, but hotel feels too urban, kind of pointless if I'm trying to get away from our own urban jungle, so maybe a resort or villa? Villa is probably most expensive among all, looked at a few but don't like, feels kind of remote, it'…

Bought Air Tickets to Thailand

This time bringing my parents along, it has been 5 years since they last went, so this time I made it a point to bring them there again to meet my MIL and family, actually my parents also very looking forward to it, few days ago told parents they were very excited, especially my father.

So today I settled all the purchase of the air tickets, haven't book hotel though because not sure where we want to stay. By the way wife and baby already there at MIL house so go only buy tickets for me and parents.

SIN to BKK - $255.30 for me and parents.
BKK to UTH - 5805 Baht for me and parents.
UTH to DMK - 4991.50 + 1732.60 Baht for me, wife, parents, baby, MIL and wife's cousin.
BKK to SIN - 14025 Baht for me, wife, parents and baby.

So total around $1373.74 as of today exchange rate.

Update on 14 Apr 2018:

Final air tickets charge in bank statement, total $1406.13:

Also booked a nice modern hotel (Ibis Bangkok Siam) very near to MBK, booked 3 rooms total $736.96 + $269.42 = $1006.38.


Recontract Mobile and Broadband

Just now went to Starhub to recontract my mobile line with iphone 8 and broadband to fibre 1Gbps with a free linksys router.

The phone is $606 with the XS plan, end up they charge me for $750 but later I checked again actually their mistake, went back and got a refund of the amount overcharged. I think the Starhub website pricing can be quite confusing, it says new line have $150 off, but don't know if the quoted price is already $150 off or further can discount, maybe that's why me and the counter staff got confused. Anyway end up paying $356 for the phone. I trade in my iphone 6S for $200 + a $50 voucher.

The iphone 8 feels smoother and a bit lighter, quite cool but other than that don't see much of a difference, but the camera looks nicer than 6S.

Then for 1Gbps only $39.90 with a free router that comes with 3 antennas, the model is EA7500, very easy to setup.

Wife and Baby Go Thailand

They took the early morning flight so woke up damn early to send them, now alone at home quite boring, at least have baby she will run around keeping the house lively.

So they probably go for one month or so, May then come back, maybe try to find some time off work go visit and bring them back, take a break, everyday work also sibei sian.

Now at work super busy so not sure if I can get any off sigh.