Kind of Boring at Home

Usually on weekends me, wife and baby will go shopping and eat, so now they are in Thailand I'm staying home alone, really boring until today went back to office early morning and worked until 3pm+ even though today is a Saturday.

Anyway next weekend me and parents will fly over to Bangkok, then get a flight to Udon Thani, think wife will find someone to fetch us to her home. Actually we can try staying in Udon, every time only pass by never explore, Udon is a huge place compared to tiny Singapore, so much to explore.

But actually Singapore also kind of boring, so small, nothing much to explore, mostly man-made structures or greenery, even places like Pulau Ubin they turned it into some sort of tourist attraction, all the nature don't feel so nature, you might think I'm nuts but really, if you have a chance to visit my wife's hometown you will see true nature, mountain, vast greenery, waterfall, wooden house, bus stop in the middle of nowhere, always something new unlike in SG, tall buildings after tall buildings, bus stops everywhere, nice shiny cars everywhere, so uniform, so predictable, everyday is just like everyday, lol.