13 May 2018

Next Year Must Use Cash to Service Housing Loan

Just received this letter today, it says that after Mar 2019 I have to use cash to pay for my housing loan. This is one bad thing about buying house with less than 60 years lease but still ok la since the monthly payment is $721 so not that bad. Good thing is less money come out from CPF, why it is good is because CPF interest is the best and guaranteed, there is no other place you can realistically get what CPF is paying out.

Anyway just nice next year May my current flat will meet the MOP so I can apply for a new one, still thinking apply where, BTO or balance flat, thinking of getting a big one, location sucks never mind, I see places like CCK 5-room so cheap so quite tempting. In SG really no such thing as location good or bad, it's so small that getting anywhere is not far at all plus delivery services are so convenient nowadays you can just order anything online, even groceries also can send to home.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think you can apply BTO before MOP. As long as when you collect the key, the MOP is met, it should be okay..

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


I checked and seems like when applying for BTO need to meet the MOP first.