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Yum Cha Curry Puff is Super

Quite similar to the 1A curry puff, the juicy crispy heavy curry flavour, very nice.

Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse Scrolling Problem

I bought the mouse in March this year, initially seems to be working perfectly in fact I love this mouse, it's so precise and no lag despite being a wireless mouse, and the battery life is just incredible, buy until now using only one battery now still have 3 out of 5 bars (can see battery life via the Logitech Gaming Software)! Then don't know when start to have this scrolling problem, when I scroll down it will scroll up a bit, this happens the other way too. It happens when surfing the net, or when scrolling through a text file, especially YouTube, you know now at the main page when you scroll down it will load more videos, sometimes it can get quite bad, just suddenly jerk up a bit by itself. I thought maybe my daughter may have damaged the mouse, you know kids very playful, but the scrolling getting so annoying so I today decided to check online for any software or firmware update, I just download and update to latest but the problem persists. I also tried to adjust

Shitty Bonus and Increment

This year bonus really shit, only 1 month, end of the year also no AWS, increment $75. This kind of shit company should really shut down, give one man salary expect me to do several man job, today Saturday also go back work, heard some people at head office no need to do project no need to face customer everyday on the dot leave office can get 6 months salary, wtf. Anyway gave my wife extra $1000 this month on top of her normal allowance of $600.

Called FairPrice On Today

I told them about my missing items for the order yesterday  and also about the stolen trolley which the delivery guy told me, and that he will "settle" with me today, they say they will check and call me back. So after a while they call me back and told me they cannot find any arrangement which the delivery guy told me about. Ok. Then they say they will send it to me this coming Tuesday. I've ordered online so many times at other websites such as lazada, qoo10, zalora, kfc and etc and this is the first time I encountered so much drama, yeah they were late once in a while but it's ok, at least they fulfilled the order (except kfc, twice they sent order with missing items but at least no drama, they just resend immediately). I am never going to order from FairPrice On again, absolutely terrible experience. If they cannot honour their agreement, I wonder how they manage to grow so big in SG, NTUC is such a big organisation here in SG and something so simple as hom

Fairprice On Really Turn Me Off

My first experience ordering from FairPrice On they were 35 minutes late, 35 minutes is not a very long time so I just keep quiet, those foodpanda or kfc guys also sometimes late so quite normal to me. But my second time ordering from them yesterday, supposed to send to me today between 6-8pm, until 10pm no sight of the delivery. Then finally at around 10:15pm the driver called my wife say he send now, end up out of 8 ordered items he sent only 4, the other 4 he will send tomorrow. Like that also can!?! The driver came up to my house, whole body wet like drenched in the rain but today not raining?? In fact today is a super hot day. So I asked him what happened, he told me somebody stole his trolley so he had to carry everything by hand, I turned and looked at my wife in disbelief. Then I checked the items, out of 8 items 4 missing, I told him and he say he go back his van and find, I looked at my wife in disbelief again. So after a while he didn't come back, I went down

Path of Exile 3.3: Item Got Stuck

This game is largely about luck, and what are the chances of item getting stuck lol, first time ever!

Next Week Hari Raya Puasa

Today go Sheng Siong quite a big crowd, I see some Malays bringing never-before-seen type of trolleys that's about twice as wide as the NTUC one which I have, wonder where they bought it from, actually very good idea can buy lots of stuff. I find Hari Raya Puasa very similar to Chinese New Year, one week before the actual day people will start to stock up on drinks and food, but Hari Raya Puasa feels more crowded compared to CNY, maybe because these days CNY becoming less significant, for me CNY is just like any other holiday, I think younger generation don't really care so much now. Then nowadays groceries also can buy online so not much of a point to go buy at supermarket and squeeze with the crowd. If no crowd still not too bad, but if crowded it can be very hectic because people tend to rush around.

My HDB Lease Expiry Date

Recently HDB flat lease keep coming up in the news, so now I'm wondering when my lease will expire. The lease start date for my flat is 01 Jan 1967. So 1967 + 99 is 2066, which mean that from 01 Jan 2066 HDB can take back my flat, which also mean the last day that I can stay is until 31 Dec 2065. In 2065 I would be 82 years old, wonder if I can live so long, my wife would be 79 years old. By then my daughter will probably have her own family, she would be 50 years old.

Fairprice Delivered to My Home

So yesterday I ordered some groceries  online , today they sent it over at around 8:35 PM, which was 35 minutes later than the scheduled 6-8 PM, but it's ok, it's just groceries so nothing time critical, anyway 35 minutes is not really a lot of time. Nowadays so convenient, can order just about anything online and have it sent to doorstep, especially groceries they have free delivery for orders over certain amount, Fairprice is $59 so it's really easy to buy over that amount. I will definitely buy from Fairprice online again ;)

"FairPrice On" Easy to Use

FairPrice online website updated, seems to have much more items and very easy to use, as good as shopping at the retail shop. So I signed up for an account, they gave $10 discount voucher, I bought some stuff $98.10 so only have to pay $88.10. The really good thing is today order tomorrow can deliver, and they have several time slots to choose from, from morning 9am all the way to 10pm. And also delivery is free for orders over $59. I think order direct from FairPrice cannot go wrong, best is not go through that stupid dishonestbee who ruined my pizza.