17 June 2018

Called FairPrice On Today

I told them about my missing items for the order yesterday and also about the stolen trolley which the delivery guy told me, and that he will "settle" with me today, they say they will check and call me back. So after a while they call me back and told me they cannot find any arrangement which the delivery guy told me about. Ok. Then they say they will send it to me this coming Tuesday.

I've ordered online so many times at other websites such as lazada, qoo10, zalora, kfc and etc and this is the first time I encountered so much drama, yeah they were late once in a while but it's ok, at least they fulfilled the order (except kfc, twice they sent order with missing items but at least no drama, they just resend immediately). I am never going to order from FairPrice On again, absolutely terrible experience.

If they cannot honour their agreement, I wonder how they manage to grow so big in SG, NTUC is such a big organisation here in SG and something so simple as home delivery also can screw up, send late, order not fulfilled, have to resend, tell me trolley got stolen, delivery guy came to my house all drenched, one person making deliveries, use key to cut open box, NTUC cannot afford to equip their driver with cutting knife? So many points of failure, I tell you if this was a corporate level business they would have lost all their customers, maybe residential customers less demanding so somehow they managed to get by with this kind of standard.

Anyway the delivery guy called me this morning, I told him I called FairPrice directly, really don't want to deal with him anymore, who knows what story he will tell me next. This is ridiculous, seriously I don't give any F what happened, I only care about the products that I paid for arriving on time and in the correct quantity and quality, period.

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