Next Week Hari Raya Puasa

Today go Sheng Siong quite a big crowd, I see some Malays bringing never-before-seen type of trolleys that's about twice as wide as the NTUC one which I have, wonder where they bought it from, actually very good idea can buy lots of stuff.

I find Hari Raya Puasa very similar to Chinese New Year, one week before the actual day people will start to stock up on drinks and food, but Hari Raya Puasa feels more crowded compared to CNY, maybe because these days CNY becoming less significant, for me CNY is just like any other holiday, I think younger generation don't really care so much now.

Then nowadays groceries also can buy online so not much of a point to go buy at supermarket and squeeze with the crowd. If no crowd still not too bad, but if crowded it can be very hectic because people tend to rush around.